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Mountain Sports Opportunities, Senior Services


Photo of hikers HIKES (April - October)

A variety of hiking destinations with different skill levels are planned. (Beginners to experienced hikers are welcome to join in the fun) Please register in advance – there is limited seating in the van. Return time may vary according to location, weather, pace, and trail conditions. In Rocky Mountain National Park, you will need a Golden Age pass, national parks pass, or you can pay a one-day fee. The hike locations may be changed based on unforeseen changes (i.e. weather, construction). All hikers are responsible for their own water, lunch, outdoor gear, (i.e., hiking boots and rain gear). Hikers are also responsible for staying with the group. For this reason, we have rated each of the hikes to help you choose more appropriately. Mileage is approximate and represents the entire distance. Please ask, at the front desk, for a Hiking Newsletter – it contains more program information, details about how hikes are rated, and extra tidbits of information.

Prior to hiking: Be sure to check with your physician prior to starting this program and make sure you are in good health – hiking can be strenuous. To be successful at a hike rated “easy”, you should be able to walk 5 miles within 2 hours in town. Even easy hikes under 5 miles can require greater physical output than walking because of trail conditions and elevation demands. Hikes rated moderate or difficult will require even greater effort. If you have questions about your conditioning or endurance level, we encourage you to begin with an easy hike.

Please see our current GO catalog for a full list of hikes.

SNOWSHOEING (January - March)
It is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors. When snowshoeing, you should plan to be in the outdoor elements for a couple of hours. Be sure to dress warmly and in layers, including waterproof outerwear, and appropriate shoes/boots. Bring along a water bottle and your lunch. You should be in good health and able to walk at a decent pace. Snowshoeing can be strenuous exercise. You will be responsible for getting your own equipment. Van transportation is provided. Please register in advance.