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Welcome to Longmont Senior Services Softball!


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Senior Services Staff Contact - Kari Grotting, (303) 651-8495 or email Kari at

Games & Practices -  Practice begins in March and games begin in April, continuing through the end of July.  Games (double-headers) are played throughout the Denver metro area, while practices and home games are played at Garden Acres Park.  Games are played on Mondays for the 70’s team and Wednesdays for the A – E Divisions, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Uniforms – shirts and caps are provided by the Senior Center, unless your team chooses to buy their own.  Shirts must be returned to the Senior Center at the end of the season or you will be charged an additional fee based on replacement cost.  Caps are yours to keep.

Bats – players are responsible for providing their own bats.  The CSSA now uses the USSSA guidelines.  This is a minimum.  Additional restrictions may be used at the various fields.  Longmont uses the USSSA guidelines for bat restrictions.

Practice Balls – these are supplied by the teams.

Game Balls – these are supplied by the Senior Center.  CSSA rules require us to use core .44, 375 lb compression, optic yellow balls.

CSSA Jackets – players are responsible for ordering these directly from the seller.  Order Forms are available at the initial team meeting or at the above link.

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Registration - Each player must complete a Senior Services Registration Form, City of Longmont waiver, and sign a CSSA waiver form.  The manager will have the CSSA waiver form. Prior to playing, all players need to complete all of the forms and have them turned in to the Senior Center. Late registrations - contact the team manager or senior center for more information.

Transportation - The Senior Center has one 15-passenger vbus that is shared amongst the teams.  A bus schedule will be given out at the same time as the game schedule.  Because of the need to share, we divide the use among the teams based initially on greatest distance being traveled, but also trying to give equal use to each of the teams.  There is no additional charge for the use of the bus, unless you travel on a toll road. On the days your team isn’t scheduled to use the bus, or there are extra players, your team will need to manage extra transportation. The bus may be driven only by someone that has gone through the city’s driver’s license check and basic driving course.

Teams - Teams are managed by volunteer managers and formed, generally, based on skill level.  We submit to the CSSA what we consider the team playing level to be and then they make the final decision as to what division the team will be in.  This may change half way through the season based on wins/losses.  Being mindful of players skill levels and playing time, some teams may be restricted, in terms of numbers, and this is at the discretion of the manager.  A manager may have a “try out” for to evaluate who is most suited to a team based on skill level.  New players are generally asked to self-evaluate and then tryout with a team.  Managers are the decision makers on a team.  Please appreciate the extra work they do by thanking them and respecting their choices.

Rules - Players are responsible for reviewing and understanding the rules.  If you have a question, ask before you play.  Team managers are the only person allowed to officially discuss plays or rules with umpires.  Copies of the rules are available at the initial season meeting or at the CSSA website.

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Field Location - Practices and home games are hosted at Garden Acres Park, 2058 Spencer St, Longmont, CO 80501 (east of Hover, west of Francis, north of 17th Ave). Away games are played throughout the Denver Metro Area.

Eligibility - Age Qualification - all players must be at least 50 years old some time during the current calendar year to be eligible to play in the CSSA. In the 70's league, a player must be at least 70 years old during the current calendar year.

Colorado Senior Softball Association - Longmont participates in the CSSA, which organizes and regulates the games. Their website contains the following information: Schedules of all teams, Standings of all teams, end of season Tournament Information, Communications (News, Board Minutes), and Rules (CSSA, bat rules.

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