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Swim Lessons, Longmont Recreation Services

Longmont Recreation Services offers swimming lessons at two year-round sites, Centennial Pool and the Longmont Recreation Center, and two summer-only sites, Sunset Pool and Kanemoto Activity Pool. Swim lessons are offered for infants as young as 6 months with a parent, for children 3 years of age and older without a parent, and for teens, adults, and seniors. Swimming lessons are offered both during the week and on weekends, to best fit your busy schedule.

New session of morning swimming lessons start THIS Sunday, October 13- November 10, at the Longmont Recreation Center. There are still openings in the following classes: Water Explorers, Turtle, Seal, Dolphin, Level 1 and Level 2. Call Centennial Pool- 303-651-8406 or Longmont Recreation Center- 303-774-4800 for times and to register! You can also register online.

If you have taken lessons with us, please take a few minutes and share your experience with use via our swim lesson survey! We look forward to hearing how your lessons with us went!

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Please look at a current City of Longmont Recreation Brochure for exact dates and times


Register on-line, call Centennial Pool (303) 651-8406 or The Longmont Recreation Center (303) 774-4800, or stop by in person at any recreation facility. Facility addresses

Front floating in swim lessons taught by Longmont Recreation Services staff.

Why take City of Longmont, Recreation Services, swim lessons?
Our staff includes highly trained swim instructors and on-deck supervisors committed to providing you with great lessons. Swim lesson instructors receive specific training for each program they teach, as well as attending regular, on-going staff training to ensure each student receives the best possible instruction. Our swim lesson management team helps provide on-deck assistance, help with lesson planning, as well as parent support—feel free to ask them anything about lessons! If you are interested in becoming a Water Safety Instructor, click here to see more information.

Swim lesson class offerings are detailed out in the Longmont Recreation Brochure. Download the current swim lesson pages of the Longmont Recreation Brochure. With a swim lesson code, you can easily enroll for swimming lessons on-line.

In which class should I enroll my child?

Look at the swim lesson descriptions for the age range of your child. If you are unsure which swim class to sign up for, arrange a FREE swim test at Centennial Pool, (303) 651-8406 or the Longmont Recreation Center (303) 774-4800.

Please note that preschoolers who are swimming do not go to Level One upon turning 6 - instead they will move into the corresponding level class.

Group lessons versus private lessons

Each individual is different. The group swim lessons are the best choice for most students: they are economical and there is much to be said for a supportive group environment as motivation for a hesitant learner to attempt a new skill. Private lessons allow individuals to set specific goals for each lesson whereas most group lessons will progress along a set list of lesson objectives based upon the class being taken.

Private swim lessons may be scheduled, depending on instructor availability. Requests for private lessons may be made directly to an instructor, or by adding to the Private Swim Lesson Wait List. Register online or call (303) 651-8406 to be added to the Private Swim Lesson Waitlist. Wait List requests will be answered in order of request and instructor availability match. Private Fee: $20 resident/ $25 non-resident per ½ hour lesson. Semi-Private Fee: (2+) $30 resident /$37.50 non-resident per ½ hour lesson.


Swim Lesson Descriptions

Parent/Child: 6 months to 3 years old

Aquababy for infants 6 -18 month: Aquatot for toddlers 18 month - 3 yrs
Aquababy and Aquatot classes are Parent/Child classes and are 30 minutes in length.
Parent and child will be coached by using a variety of games and techniques individualized to maximize success in water comfort and skills. Sessions can and should be repeated. **A drop-in option is offered during Saturday mornings at 11am at Centennial Pool ONLY for $4.25 res / $5.50 non-res.

Water Explorers

2 1/2 - 3 1/2 years old. Classes are 30 minutes

Not yet old enough for learn-to-swim lessons? Ready to be in the water without mom or dad?

Your preschooler will explore the water through songs, games, and toys with an instructor, and at the same time

learn how to be a part of a group, understand water safety rules, and how to follow directions.

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Preschool Program: 3 thru 5 Years Old

Turtle: Water Introduction

Students with no or limited water experience and who are uncomfortable putting their face in the water.

Alligator: Skill Introduction
Students comfortable in the water will learn to float independently on front and back for 5 seconds.

Seal: Stroke Introduction
Students who float independently will learn to swim 10 yds without stopping and become comfortable in deep water.

Dolphin: Skill Improvement
Students who swim 10 yards and are comfortable in deep water, will learn proper breathing techniques and endurance.

Whale: Stroke Development
Students with proper breathing and deep water comfort, will work on increasing endurance and be introduced to side stroke and survival float.

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A Longmont Recreation Services' swim instructor watches her students American Red Cross Level Program

Longmont Recreation Services uses the newly updated (2009) American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim level program. More strokes are taught at earlier levels and more safety skills and topics have been emphasized throughout all levels.

Level 1: Water Introduction
Students will become comfortable putting their face in the water and learn to float independently on their front and back.

Level 2: Skill Introduction
Students who can float independently will learn to swim 15yds, on front and back, without stopping.

Level 3: Stroke Development
Students who can swim on their front and back will learn breathing techniques, elementary backstroke and kicks used in all swimming strokes.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement
Students who have proper breathing and swim in deep water will learn backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke and butterfly.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement
Students will continue to work on stroke technique while increasing endurance, flip turns, and surface dives.

Level 6: Fitness Swimming
An individualized approach will be used to develop strokes, increase endurance and continue to work on a variety of skills. Students will progress up to a 500 yd continuous swim – a great preparation for taking the lifeguard class.

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Teen & Tween
11 years & up • Lessons are 40 min
This class is for older youth looking to build confidence in their swimming skills while working with people around their same age. Group work, enhanced by individualized instruction, will assure you get what you need to become a confident swimmer.

New & Improved!! Blast Accelerated Swim Lessons
Blast is the City’s own accelerated swim lesson program, designed to get kids ready for swim team. Kids ages 5 & up will develop swimming skills and techniques for the 4 competitive swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Newly expanded to four technique based levels that progress swimmers from the basics—getting comfortable in the water, blowing bubbles and floating—to a solid foundation in the 4 competitive swim strokes.

Beginning Blast: Stroke Preparation • 5 years & up • Lessons are 40 min
Introduces students to water and learning to swim in a fun, safe environment. Students will learn basic water skills including rhythmic breathing, floating, gliding, kicking and rolling over from front to back.

Blast 1: Freestyle • 5 years & up • Lessons are 45 min
Pre-requisites: 10 bobs; front & back float w/out help; front & back glide w/out help
Students will learn freestyle by developing good body position, stroke, flutter kick and bilateral breathing technique. Students will continue to work on swimming basics, including rhythmic breathing, streamline glides and flutter kick, and begin learning backstroke.

Blast 2: Backstroke • 5 years & up • Lessons are 45 min
Pre-requisites: 20 bobs; front & back streamline glides w/flutter kick; swim 15 yds freestyle w/good bilateral breathing
Students will focus on developing backstroke technique, including body roll, strong, consistent flutter kick, and stroke timing. Continue to refine freestyle, developing catch & body roll, improving timing and bilateral breathing. Students will become accustomed to deep water and begin work on starts.

Blast 3: Butterfly & Breaststroke • 5 years & up • Lessons are 45 min
Pre-requisites: swim 25yds freestyle w/good technique; 15 yds backstroke; 15 yds breaststroke kick
Students will learn breaststroke and butterfly; focusing on stroke breakdown and timing. Continue refining freestyle & backstroke, improving stroke technique and endurance. Flip turns introduced.

Adult Swim Lessons
We have swim lessons and teams for adults of all ages and swimming abilities:

Adult/Senior Swim Lessons
It is never too late to learn to swim or improve your skills! For adults and seniors or all swimming abilities, this class offers individualized instruction in a supportive group environment. Babysitting is available at Longmont Recreation Center.


Swim Technique Training
Not sure you're ready for a Masters workout? Coach Robert provides individualized instruction to improve your stroke and breathing technique. For adults and seniors looking to refine their stroke, improve endurance, join Masters or train with other adults in a smaller group setting.


Read more about Masters Swimming

Swim Lesson Tips for Parents

Things parents can do to help ensure a positive, productive swim lesson:

1. Come early--rushing or being late is upsetting to some children and can disrupt the class already in progress.

2. Pull long hair and bangs back out of your child’s face and eyes—or consider a swim cap.

3. Make sure goggles fit properly before you get here. Goggles can become a distraction that take away from valuable class time.

4. No goggles for Turtle, Alligator, or Level 1 please. We are in the water at an adjustment phase of our learning and it is important that we become comfortable with water in our eyes.

5. Be positive! Don’t encourage negative feelings.

6. Learn your instructor’s name.

7. Use the restroom before you go to wait for your instructor.

8. Shower while you are in the locker room. Showering serves two purposes 1) it rinses off lotions and conditioners that affect our water. 2) It will cool your child’s skin while they wait--when they get in the pool the water feels a lot warmer.

9. Let us know if your child has a special concerns or needs, including medical or developmental issues and any fears.

10. Check with your instructor or pool manager throughout the session about your child's progress to ensure they’re signed up for the correct level next time.

11. Try not to distract your child during lessons by standing in sight and waving at her/him. The teachers are sometimes dealing with separation issues, especially with little ones.

12. Don’t let problems grow! Please contact the pool manager supervising your lessons about any questions or issues you have. If they’re teaching you can leave a message at the front desk and he or she will get back to you.

Thank you for helping us make your child’s learning experience a positive and successful one!

See swim lesson announcements.


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