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Longmont Kids Only


Happy to be biking!Saturday, May 31, 2014
"Swim, Bike & Run for FUN!"
Centennial Pool
1201 Alpine St, Longmont, CO 80504
(303) 651-8406

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View 2014 Kids ONLY Triathlon Results

Download Full Course Map

Download Kid Tri RUN Course


Go to the Adult's 34th Annual Longmont Triathlon web page

Volunteers for both Kids Only and Longmont Triathlon/Try-a-Tri are Needed. Call Centennial Pool 303-651-8406 or e-mail

Logo for the 2014 Kids Only Triathlon

2014 Longmont Triathlon Buddy Discount

Make this year’s Longmont Triathlon a family & friends challenge…
Register for any of the Triathlon events with a buddy and save $5 each

Receive the buddy discount any of these 3 ways:
1. Register in person at any Recreation facility (both buddies must be present)
2. Mail in your entry forms with payment enclosed
3. Register online at

‘Buddies’ may register for the same event or for different events on Triathlon weekend. For example a parent can register for the Try-a-Tri and their child can register for the Kids Only Tri. Discount can only be applied to future registrations; past registrations cannot be reimbursed. Discount is only valid for individual registrations and is not valid for team entries.


Last Year's Results: 2013 Kids Only Triathlon Results

2014 Ages & Distances

Heats and awards will be divided by age and gender

8 year olds & under*

100 yard swim

3 mile bike

0.6 mile run

9-10 year olds

11-12 year olds

200 yard swim

6 mile bike

1.2 mile run

13-14 year olds

400 yard swim

6 mile bike

2 mile run

15-17 year olds

*6 year olds are more then welcome to participate, but must be able to individually swim all 4 lengths of the pool without assistance, resting is allowed at the wall. 

13-17 year olds will be divided up according to estimated 400 swim times. 15-17 year olds start followed by 13-14 year old females.

A younger athlete in the bike transition area11-12 year olds will be divided up according to estimated 200 yard swim times.

6-10 year olds will be divided up according to age groups, 2 people per lane, parallel swimming. 10 year old girls will start.

Please make sure to submit estimated swim times if you are 11-17 years old.

Registration Information

Cost: $30 before 5/11/14; $40 on or after 5/12/14

When: 2014 Registration will end at 5pm on Wednesday, May 28, at all City of Longmont Recreation Facilities. Registration will resume at Packet-Pick up (see below).

Packet Pickup :

  • Friday, May 30 from 3:30-6:30pm and
  • Saturday, May 31 from 6am-7:15am.

Note: Any participants interested in "racing up" MUST register by Friday night. NO race day requests will be granted.

Thank you to our 2014 Sponsor

Logo for Snarf's, proud sponor of the Kids Only TriathlonMountain View Orthodontics, proud sponsor of the Longmont Kids Only TriathlonLogo for Dairy Queen, proud sponsor of the Kids Only Triathlon

Blackjack Pizza, proud sponsor of the Longmont kids ONLY triathlon!Times-Call, a proud sponsor of the Longmont Kids ONLY Triathlon

Sprouts Farmers Market

2014 Day of Race Timeline *NEW ORDER!

  • 6-7:15am
    Day of Race Registration. NO race-up opportunities. Must race in age group of age on 5/31/2014. Event shirts may NOT be available.
  • The finish line in 20116-7:45am
    Body Marking, bike helmet check and equipment set-up in transition area.
  • 7:30am
    13-17 year olds report to pool deck to line up and get timing chips.
  • 7:45am
    Transition area CLOSED.
    1st heat of 15-17 year olds START the Longmont Kids Only Triathlon!
  • 7:50am
    11-12 year olds report to the pool deck to line up.

Triathlon begins with 15-17 year olds- both boys and girls- girls first.

13-14 year olds will follow the 15-17 year olds boys - girls first

11-12 year olds will follow the 13-14 year old boys - girls first

6-10 year olds, be ready - listen for the PA for announcements

6-10 year olds will follow the 11-12 year old boys - girls first

Racers will receive timing chips on pool deck before beginning the swim.

Swimmer watches as two athletes get ready to start the swim portion of the Longmont Kids Only TriathlonTwo athletes during the bike portion of the Longmont Kids Only TriathlonRunning to the finish at the Longmont Kids Only Triathlon


Race Details

Participants are responsible for counting their swim, bike and run laps. Parents and spectators may assist with counting, but it is ultimately the participants' responsibility. If a participant does not complete the correct amount of laps, they are not eligible for place awards.


The swim is located in the indoor 25 yard Centennial Pool. The pool temperature is approximately 83 degrees. teens during the swim portion of the eventChildren must be able to swim the complete distance independently. Children can stop and rest at the walls. Swimming heats will be divided up according to ages, 2 people per lane, parallel swimming. 15-17 year olds will go first.

Longmont Kids Only Triathlon Swim Start Procedure

This is a pool swim. There will be volunteers counting your laps, but ultimately you are responsible for counting your own laps. Credit cannot be given for extra laps completed.

Viewing the Swim
There will be a designated area for spectators to allow for a smooth exit for all swimmers. Upstairs in the Observation Room or along the pool deck by the blue railing. Please make sure your fans watch from the designated area

Timing ChipsAnkle chip timing used at the Longmont Kids Only Triathlon
Timing chips are handed out in the pool area just before your swim start to eliminate participants accidentally walking across timing mats. Timing chips are on a comfortable Velcro & neoprene strap, and must be securely fastened to the left ankle. They may feel a little loose once you get in the water – this is normal – they will tighten back up once you get out of the pool. Timing chips are given out right before the swimmer enters the pool. If a timing chip is lost, the participants’ family will be charged $99 to replace the chip.


11-17 Year Olds Estimated Swim Times

New for 2014, 15-17 year olds will race first. The swim will be seeded to go from fastest swimmers to slowest swimmers, in the appropriate distance. All heats are seeded according to predicted swim time, so you will be swimming with participants of similar ability. All lanes will have two swimmers; genders may be mixed due to estimated swim times.

15-17 year olds will start the race. Report to the pool deck at 7:30am to be lined up and given timing chips. First heat of 15-17 year old females will be in the pool first. Depending on participant numbers, it may be a mixed heat.

13-14 year old females, followed by 13-14 year old males, will begin as soon as the last 15-17 year old has exited A teen during his swim at the Kids Only Triathlon in June 2011the pool. Be on the pool deck at 7:30am to start lining up. Mostly likely begin swim around 7:50am, swim time could begin earlier or later.

11-12 year olds females, followed by 11-12 year old males, will start after the last heat of 13-14 year old males exit the pool. Be on pool deck by 7:50am ready to line up, most likely begin swimming by 8:05am, could start earlier or later. Hang out in the pool area so you can hear all announcements.


6-10 Year Olds

Swim is not based on estimated swim times, only on age and gender. We will try our best to keep only two kids per lane, same gender.

10 year old females will start after the last heat of 11-12 year old males. Report to the pool deck by 8:30am ready to line up.
All youth ages 6-10 should hang out on the patio listening for their line up time.

Once all 11-12 year olds have finished the swim, 6-10 year olds will be lined up by age and sex, beginning with 10 year old girls down to 6 year old males.

Females will swim first for their respective ages.

Once everyone is lined up, they will be walked around the pool to where the diving blocks are located. There, they will be given their timing chip that they will need to wear the entire event. Each lane of swimmers will be individually started. Once the swimmers in a lane are finished, two more youth will be started.

Helmet check during the Longmont Kids Only Triathlon


The bike is a 2 or 4 loop course depending on the age designated distance. The bike course is on neighboring streets with plenty of viewing and cheering sections. All participants must have an ANSI/SNELL approved BIKE helmet strapped on their heads for the entire ride.

Teens enter the transition area from the bike courseTransition Area Information

The transition area is open 6am-7:45am. Bike set-up will only be allowed before 7:45am. Bike placement within the transition area is on a first come, first served basis. Parents are only allowed in the transition area before the race begins. After the race starts, parents may only enter transition area if their child becomes injured. Bike helmets and shoes much be secured before existing the transition area. As the age groups begin to finish, there will be escorted opportunities for participants to enter the transition area to remove belongings.

New for 2014! The Longmont Tri-a-Try will be held immediately after the Longmont Kids Only Triathlon. There will be a designated rack area for the Tri-a-Try participants located near the pool exit. Please do NOT set up in this area.

A girl at the end portion of the run at the Longmont Kids Only Triathlon


Please download course run map. Distances will vary for each age.


The award ceremony will be held approximately 30 minutes after the last athlete completes the course. All racers will receive a participant medal for crossing the finish line! Additional awards will be given for the following age categories:

1st, 2nd & 3rd places
6 year olds
7 year olds
8 year olds
9 year olds
10 year olds
11-12 year olds
13-14 year olds
15-17 year olds

1st, 2nd & 3rd places
6 year olds
7 year olds
8 year olds
9 year olds
10 year olds
11-12 year olds
13-14 year olds
15-17 year olds


Good to Knows!


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4/18/14 by S. Dabney, (303) 651-8406