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Kanemoto Activity Pool

Longmont Recreation Services' Kanemoto Activity Pool was destroyed in the September 2013 flood. Lefthand Channel along Kanemoto Park's southern boundary eroded parkland and destroyed both the activity pool and the new pedestrian bridge. City staff is working on several flood repair projects at this time, including looking at the design of Kanemoto Activity Pool in the spring of 2014. Kanemoto Activity Pool will NOT open in 2014. See Kanemoto Park's page for more information regarding Kanemoto Park updates AND for information regarding two site concept plans for the new Kanemoto Pool.


Top view of the damage to Kanemoto Activity Pool during the September 2013 flood



Side view of damage caused by September 2013 flooding of Kanemoto Activity Pool

Views of the damage sustained by Kanemoto Activity Pool during the September 2013 Flood.

Kanemoto Activity Pool

1151 South Pratt Parkway

Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 651-6934

Kanemoto Pool
Map to Kanemoto Activity Pool
Kanemoto Activity Pool is located in South Longmont just off Missouri and S. Pratt Pkwy. Main Street (or Hwy 287) is intersected south of Hwy 119 by Quail Rd (if you go east - in which case you will be at the Longmont Museum and the Longmont Recreation Center) and Missouri (if you go west - you will go by Kanemoto Activity Pool).


Last updated 11/29/2013 by S. Dabney, (303) 651-8406 Centennial Pool