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Temporary Water Use Permit

fire hydrant

Utility Operations

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Longmont, CO 80503

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Temporary use of potable water from the City's water distribution system, by means of a temporary water tap, a temporary service line, a fire hydrant, or other devices, shall require a permit from the City, subject to availability. For temporary hydrant water, only City designated ("blue top") fire hydrants may be used, unless otherwise approved on the permit. A minimum of two working days advance notice will be required by the City before issuance of Temporary Water Use Permits. At its sole discretion, the City may suspend Temporary Water Use Permits with one week's notice.

Except for permits issued for overlot grading projects, maximum permit duration is three months. Maximum permit duration for overlot grading projects will be two months. A late charge of an additional $5.00/day will be assessed for meters returned past the expiration date. The City of Longmont will not be responsible for notifying contractors of permit expiration. Permit extensions will not be allowed. A new permit must be issued once the permit has expired. A $35.00 administration fee will be assessed for each additional permit.

The deposit will be retained to pay water usage charges, meter rental fees, meter repair, fire hydrant damages, or to replace devices that are not returned.

Contractor will use only the hydrant(s) designated on this permit. Water shall be placed in a tank or water truck prior to use. Water hoses directly connected to the hydrant, shall not be used for any grading, compaction, dust control, or cleaning operations.

Summary of Hydrant Meter Fees and Charges

Administration fee
Water usage rate
$2.45/1000 gallon
Meter rental
Late charge
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