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History of Longmont's Water Utilities

Water Wagon DeliveryThe first settlement in the present-day Longmont area was a trading fort built by a trading fort built by Ceran St Vrain and the Brent brothers in 1838. Settlers began to set up residences along the St Vrain River, using stream water for their domestic needs. As the colony grew, a few individuals went into business hauling water from the streams which customers stored in large barrels or cisterns. A town pump was located in the center of town at the corner of 4th and Main. On September 8, 1879, the 300 block of Main Street caught fire and was completely destroyed. The only water for fighting the fire came from the town pump and a bucket brigade that formed from the St Vrain Creek. The fire lead to the formation of the first fire fighting company in 1880. The fire of 1879 and the recognized need for a clean water supply, were the impetus for developing a water system. On April 1, 1882, the Longmont taxpayers voted a $70,000 bond to build the first pressurized waterworks system.

Today, the City's distribution system has grown to 11.6 miles of raw water lines, 45 miles of transmission lines, and 238 miles of distribution mains along with the wastewater collection system which consists of 206 miles of sanitary sewer lines, and the wastewater treatment plant which has the capacity to treat 11.5 million gallons per day.

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