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Longmont Storm Drainage Criteria Manual (LSDCM)


Table of Contents (550KB)

General Provisions (193KB)

Submittals (692KB)

Policy (1004KB)

Drainage Law (1486KB)

Rainfall (1875KB)

Storm Runoff (3781KB)

Open Channel (4373KB)

Storm Sewer System (2074KB)


Culverts (2790KB)

Structures (1399KB)

Detention (1150KB)

Erosion- Sediment (324KB)

References (223KB)

Forms (905KB)

Details (975KB)

This document specifies the design and technical criteria for all drainage analysis and construction. LSDCM was adopted in July, 1984. Considerable data, criteria, and procedures were obtained from the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District and adopted to local requirements with their guidance to meet the specific needs of the City of Longmont. The bound copy of manual cost $25 and is available for purchase from Public Works Engineering office.

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Public Works & Natural Resources

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1100 South Sherman Street

Longmont, CO 80501

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Design Standards and Construction Specifications: This document provides the minimum standards and specifications to be adhered to in the design and construction of Public Improvements and work in streets, right of ways, and easements of the City. The bound copy of Design Standards and/or CD copy cost $25 and $8 respectively and is available for purchase from Public Works Engineering office. The Storm Drainage Improvements are located in Section 300 of this document.

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