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Industrial Pretreatment

Municipal Code Changes in 2013

Effective 4/2/2013, updates to discharge prohibitions and local limits.

Industrial Wastewater Survey 2013

The IP Program is charged with the enforcement of national and local industrial pretreatment regulations to prevent adverse impact on our sewers and wastewater treatment plant. One regulatory requirement is to periodically complete a wastewater survey to determine the types of discharges made to the sewer from nondomestic sources. Surveys will be mailed to many commercial and industrial users during 2013. Failure to submit the survey is a violation of the Municipal Code.

Businesses that are identified from the survey and follow up inspections as meeting the definition of Significant Industrial Users (SIUs) are required to apply for a wastewater permit.

BOD Surcharge - program changes 2013

The IP Program recently collected samples from domestic and commercial areas throughout Longmont. Data differed significantly from previous monitoring and as a result, the PWNR Department has made changes to the high pollutant load surcharge program (known as "BOD Surcharge" fee on utility bills).

Starting in 2013, the restaurant surcharge program will be eliminated. Permitted dischargers will continue to pay surcharges on BOD, TSS and TKN above domestic values.

Permission To Discharge to Sanitary Sewer

Since every waste stream is unique, businesses should contact the IP Program to obtain permission to discharge to the sanitary sewer.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • types and amounts of pollutants the wastes contain- MSDS and sample analyses may be required;
  • industrial wastewater classification survey (pdf);
  • total volume of the wastes;
  • how the wastes will be discharged; and
  • frequency of the discharge (one time, intermittent or continuous).

Discharges must not violate any of the general prohibitions of the MunicipalCode 14.08.310. Contact IPP if the wastes exceeds any local limit listed in Code 14.08.312.

Discharge must not cause pass through or interference of the POTW.


All costs associated with sampling a waste are the responsibility of the discharger.

Surcharges Applicable

The treatment plant may accept high strength wastes. High strength is considered wastes with pollutant loadings greater than domestic values (BOD>300 mg/L, TSS>330 mg/L or TKN>45 mg/L). Surcharges are applicable. Slug loads are prohibited.

Do I Need a Discharge Permit?

Contact IPP at (303) 651-8667 for more information. You are required to obtain a permit if your business meets the EPA's definition of Significant Industrial User (40 CFR 403.3 (v)).

What will be my Discharge Limits in a Permit?

Contact IPP at (303) 651-8667 for more information.

  • For nonconventional parameters (metals, cyanide), limitations are based on the specific categorical pretreatment standards for your categorical industry and/or local limits listed in Municipal Code 14.08.312.
  • For conventional parameters (BOD, TSS, TKN), limits are based on your discharge volume and the WWTP loadings available for all SIUs. Please note that limitations on conventional pollutants is used to avoid slug loading upon the WWTP. Pollutant loads exceeding residential wastewater values are subject to surcharge fees.

Hazardous Waste Help

Read more about discharging hazardous wastes to the City sewer.

Need FREE assistance in understanding hazardous wastes and other environmental regulations?

Contact the CDPHE Generator Assistance Program (GAP) at 1 (888) 568-1831 x3415

Boulder County Hazardous Materials Facility will accept hazardous wastes for a fee from businesses that have CESQG status.


IP Program

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