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Car Washing

If you wash you car in your driveway, the wastewater contaminated with soap, grit and automotive fluids can enter the storm sewer or the environment. The best way to avoid this is to use a local car wash.  Car washes in Longmont are required to discharge to the sanitary sewer.  So, the pollution is removed by the wastewater treatment plant.  Some car washes also employ water conservation measures.  They recycle water used from rinses, filter it to remove the solids and reuse it for the next car’s pre-rinse.

Many car washes use biodegradable soaps such as ZEP.  Again, when it enters the sanitary sewer, it is treated and not an environmental concern.  If you note any discharge to the street or landscape from a commercial car wash, please contact the City’s Stormwater Quality Program at (303) 651-8667.

For homeowners that wish to wash their vehicles in their driveways, we suggest you use biodegradable soaps and conserve water by not allowing the hose to run when not in use.

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This page was updated June 20, 2013
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