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Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project in Southmoor Park, PW&NR

October 10, 2010 Update

The Left Hand Creek Flood Control Project plans and specifications are at the 95% complete stage and have recently been reviewed by Staff and CDOT. The comments generated by this review are being incorporated into the plans and specifications in preparation for final submittal of this design in early October.

It is currently anticipated that this project will bid in November with construction starting in January 2011.

Floodplain Revision Process

As part of this design process, a request was submitted to the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requesting the issuance of a conditional revision to the flood hazard information on the applicable Flood Insurances Rate Map (FIRM) for Boulder County and the City of Longmont.

FEMA is reviewing the computer flood plain models and has requested and received additional data concerning this flood plain. On September 1st FEMA notified us that they had received all requested additional data and that they will issue a final letter of determination within 90 days.

The City of Longmont has also applied for a Hazard Mitigation Assistance Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The application has been processed through FEMA's region 8 review and has been forwarded to FEMA headquarters for their review and approval. We are waiting for FEMA to authorize an environmental assessment study if they decide to proceed with the grant. This authorization should be received within a month.

Environmental Permitting

Any work occurring within the waters of the US or that could impact wetlands, or threatened and endangered species, require review and permitting. The Regulatory Agencies currently reviewing this project are:

• U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
• U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
• Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

We are still awaiting the necessary permitting from the reviewing Regulatory Agencies. Any questions please call Curtis Ansel (303) 651-8310.

Updated December 22, 2011

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