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Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance Operations

The functions of the Street Maintenance Operations is to repair, grade, patch, clear of debris, and generally service the City's street system, including weed control along street right-of-way. Primary functions are alley maintenance, alley reconstruction, and minor asphalt overlaying of streets, in conjunction with the Street Rehabilitation Program. This service also incorporates a recycled asphalt crushing and diversion program and chip seal application into alley reconstruction methods.

Concrete Repair

This service is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of damaged or broken concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks and cross pans. The concrete repair work is performed in response to citizen requests and in accordance with the City's damage assessment and repair rating program. City crews' efforts typically involve repair or replacement of broken sidewalks and curbs/gutters where utilization of contractors is not feasible, due to time constraints, scheduling conflicts or on smaller projects that are not economical to complete by contract. Crews also grind and repair sidewalk panels which are out of alignment and present trip hazards, and perform maintenance and repairs of guard rails located throughout the City.

Street Cleaning

The Street Cleaning service is responsible for maintaining clean and debris-free City streets and alleys. Streets are swept periodically on a rotation basis. This service also responds to special requests for sweeping due to dirt, glass, spills, and other debris generated by incidents such as traffic accidents and construction. Street sweeping has a positive impact on the City's air quality by reducing the amount of dust particulate in the air that are generated from street dust and dirt. For more information please call 303-774-4446.

Street Maintenance Summary

Street Maintenance Includes repair, grade, patch, clear debris, weed control, minor asphalt overlay in conjunction with Engineering's Street Rehabilitation Program.
Concrete Repair Repair or replacement of damaged raised or broken concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and cross pans.
Street Cleaning Streets are swept periodically on a rotation basis.

Updated: November 12, 2013