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2014 Chip Seal Program

During the week of July 14, the resurfacing of some City streets will be performed by A-1 Chip Seal Co. and will include placement of a preventative maintenance technique known as a Chip Seal. Various street locations throughout the City have been selected to receive chip seal.

Why Chip Seal?

Asphalt streets are like the new paint on your house. The moment the application process ends the deterioration process starts. Much like paint, asphalt is subject to oxidation, sunlight, rain, freeze and thaw cycles. Pavement is also subject to a wide array of traffic volumes and different traffic loading conditions. Chip seals are a cost effective process used on newer asphalt pavements to prolong the life of pavements that are structurally sound but are beginning to age and may have limited surface distress. Chip seals are typically placed 4 - 8 years after placement of the current pavement surface.

Benefits of Chip Sealing

The Process

The Chip Seal process does not require the closure of the affected streets but there will be temporary delays during construction and all vehicles must be removed from the street during this process.

Prior to the start of construction, door hangers or other notification methods will be used to inform all residences and businesses when construction is expected to start. "No Parking" signs or construction cones/barricades will be placed at least 24 hours prior to any work. Please note that access to residences and businesses will remain open and trash service schedules will remain unchanged during construction.

If you have any questions, contact Alden Jenkins at (303) 651-8567.