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- The much-anticipated children's book addressing domestic violence, written by Longmont Police Detective Sara Pierce, is now available. For more information about the book, how to order, events and news.

- The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) have announced their State of Colorado winners and they include local public safety staff. Lt. Travis Chapman of the Longmont Fire Department was named VFW Colorado Paramedic of the Year; Lt. Jeff Peterson of the Longmont Fire Department was named VFW Colorado Firefighter of the Year; and Longmont Police Department Officer Sara Aerne was named the runner up in the VFW Colorado Officer of the Year Award. The 90th Annual State Convention for the VFW will be held in June. Each will be acknowledged for their contribution to their community.

- The Longmont Police Department hosted a Public Forum on Photo Red Light and Speed Enforcement in May.Public Safety Chief Mike Butler and the Longmont Police Department Traffic Unit provide the community with information on Photo Red Light and Speed Cameras and discussed how it might impact the City of Longmont. Five fatalities between 2007 and 2009 in Longmont were from broadside collisions or approach turn collisions. When looking at all broadside collisions between 2007 and 2009, 20.8% occurred because a vehicle failed to stop, or disregarded, a red signal light at an intersection. Of the broadside collision accidents which resulted in severe injury or a fatality, 30.5% were caused by a driver failing to stop at a red light. While the Longmont Police Department endeavors to make the streets safe, a red light camera program would provide 24-hour, 7-days-a-week enforcement at intersections where violations and crashes occur most frequently. Even though the cameras, provided by a third party vendor, are documenting the violation, the Longmont Police Department still has the ultimate authority and decision making power when deciding if a citation is issued.

A fine for a red light ticket is $75 and is controlled by state statute. The fine cannot be changed. Per the state's statute, no points are assessed against the violator's driver's license and the violation does not go on the driver's driving record. Do red light camera's reduce the number of accidents? The City of Fort Collins has experienced a 62% decrease in broadside crashes since the implementation of red light camera's. The City of Boulder has seen a 65% reduction in red light violations at intersections where red light camera's have been installed. There has been a reduction of 57% of accidents caused by red-light running at the intersections where red light cameras are installed. The Longmont Police Department has created a comprehensive handout which will be used at the public forum on Photo Red Light and Speed Enforcement. For additional information call (303)651-8849.

CRIME STOPPERS ISSUES A REWARD FOR INFORMATION - Between 11:00 and 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 5, 2010, the above male came to the door of a neighbor of 1252 Frontier. He immediately asked about ownership of houses in the area.The male left on foot northbound and no vehicles were seen.The first witness provided the following description of the suspect: The male was described as a white male, in his early to mid 40’s, 5’9” to 5’10” tall, 180 pounds with a thick build, medium complexion, with some tan, but he didn’t appear to work outside daily.The male was wearing a dark colored blue or black baseball hat with no logos or makings visible.He had no facial hair and due to the hat and sunglasses, it is unknown what color of hair he had.He had a distinct cleft chin.He was wearing a long sleeve plaid button up shirt – possibly brown and red.He wore standard blue jeans and unknown footwear.He looked “outdoorsy” with a “normal” appearance, but spoke somewhat slowly with a deep voice.The second witness provided the following description of the suspect:White male, 40-45 years old, 5'8" to 5'9" tall, 1/4 inch buzzed brown hair that was starting to turn gray, 200 to 220 pounds, chunky build, especially in his face and neck, "beer belly" and he carried most of his weight in his face and belly, "cleft" chin which was a very pronounced feature, double chin, thick neck, oval shaped face, and a pale complexion, "but not completely pale like he never got out of the house."He had a 2-3 day scruffy growth.His nose looked like it had been broken before and was offset to one direction.His right nostril looked bigger than his left.The male "stank" of body odor and had bad breath.He initially sounded like "a 7th grade drop out."He seemed to have a confused mental state which got more pronounced the more upset he got.He was wearing a checkerboard pattern long sleeve plaid shirt with "browns and muted reds."The shirt was a heavier material, possibly flannel.His jeans were worn lower around his waist as if to accommodate his belly and looked like they didn't fit him.The jeans were dark blue, but didn't look new.He had white tennis shoes which may have had a colored stripe on them. Anyone with information of his whereabouts can contact Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or providing information to Crime Stoppers that lead to his arrest may remain anonymous and receive up to a $1,000 cash reward.

- On Sunday, August 15, 2010, at approximately 2030 hours, police officers and firefighters were dispatched to Red Mountain Drive and Wolf Creek Drive for a report of a suspicious incident.A neighbor found a plastic bottle split in half with a light blue liquid residue inside the bottle.The neighbor told officers that at approximately 2300 hours on Saturday, August 14, 2010, they had heard a loud boom come from the same area in the green belt. Later they discovered the damaged bottle.Detectives responded and found evidence that this was an “acid bomb”.No suspects had been identified.This is most likely not related to the incidents being investigated by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Department in the Niwot area, but the devices are similar.The Longmont Department of Public Safety is issuing a warning to parents regarding the creation of “acid bombs” by youth.Experimentation by teens is not new.It is a common trait of youth to test boundaries and take risks that put them into danger.Homemade explosive devices in bottles are not a new trend.Dry Ice “bombs” have been created by young adults for decades.Many have been injured by this “prank”. The current trend is creating “acid bombs”.An acid based bathroom clearer, available at most stores, is placed into a plastic pop bottle and aluminum foil is added to the cleaner.The lid is secured quickly as the chemical reaction begins and creates hydrogen gas with a chlorine gas mixture.This creates an over pressurization in the bottle and the plastic begins to stretch and expand.Once the bottle reaches critical mass it explodes with a loud bang.The contents are expelled in an acid mist that covers a radius of 5 to 15 feet.No injuries have been reported in Longmont from these devices yet.Many people making home made explosives are discovered after an inadvertent or accidental discharge of the device they are making.Many of these acid bombs are actually being mixed inside of a vehicle and then tossed outside.If one of these devices goes off inside of a vehicle the occupants will be exposed to an acid concentrate and will most likely suffer from burns to their eyes and airways.Those near device when it is thrown will also be exposed to the same dangers. These are not harmless pranks or toys.Parents should be aware of this potential danger by watching for aluminum foil, cut up aluminum cans, and bathroom clearer or hydrochloric acid (HCL) products in their children’s back packs, vehicles, or rooms.Questions or concerns can be called to the Department of Public Safety’s non-emergency telephone number 303-651-8501.

BURGLARIES TO OPEN GARAGES - On the night of September 16, 2010, several homes in Beat 7 were victims of burglaries through open garage doors. The Longmont Police Department has taken reports of missing items from these garages. Every night check to make sure the overhead garage doors are closed and that your side doors are locked. Not know where Beat 7 is? If you know who is responsible for these thefts, please call (303) 651-8555.

Subscribe and Receive E-mail Notification of Colorado Sexually Violent Predator Release
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) Sex Offender Registration Unit has implemented an email notification program system to notify the public when a Sexually Violent Predator is released in Colorado. To subscribe and receive these E-mail notifications, access the CBI website at, scroll to the bottom of the page, and answer one of the questions in the securities boxes at the bottom of the page. In the blue CBI E-Alerts box enter the E-mail address where you would like the notifications sent and press the submit button.

(LPD) SEEKING VOLUNTEER VICTIM ADVOCATES - Applicants must have an open, non-judgmental attitude as well as good communication skills. The department is seeking those with a genuine concern and empathy for victims of crime and survivors of sudden or violent deaths regardless of the circumstances. Volunteers must make a one-year commitment, attend monthly meetings and be on-call one week per month. A training course is provided. Must be 21 and live in the Longmont city limits. Applications and additional information are available online, in the lobby of the Longmont Police Department, or interested parties may contact the LPD Victim Advocate Coordinator at (303)651-8855.

March 3, 2010 - RELEASE OF SEXUAL PREDATOR - Sex offenders are required to notify law enforcement of their residence and law enforcement is authorized to share that information with members of their communities. In the case of sexually violent predators, law enforcement is required to notify members of the community of the offender’s address. Should the offender move to a different address within the City of Longmont after the initial public notification meeting, address updates will be publicized in press releases, posted on Longmont’s website, and circulated in fliers through the neighborhood where the offender relocated. He has reported to the Longmont Police Department to register as a Sexually Violent Predator. The SVP, Ronald J. Travis, age 42, has been released from DOC and is now living at 236 Main Street.

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