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Archived Material

March 17, 2010 - 103 St. Clair Neighborhood Meeting - The Longmont Police Department and District Attorney Stan Garnett will be meeting with neighbors of 103 St. Clair to discuss the classification of that property as a Class II Public Nuisance. The meeting will be at Columbine Elementary on Thursday, March 18, 2010, from 6:30 to 7:30 PM. Mr. Garnett will be talking about the court order and how it will improve the quality of life for the neighbors.

October 14, 2009 - Garden Acres Burglaries - The Longmont Police Department is warning residents of recent night time burglaries. On the night of Tuesday, October 13, and Wednesday, October 14, a number of residential burglaries occurred in the Garden Acres Beat. This beat is defined between 17th Avenue on the south, Hover Street on the west, Francis Street on the east, and Highway 66 on the north. The suspect(s) entered homes through unlocked doors.  No one has been injured, but the Longmont Police Department is asking neighbors to be alert for suspicious activity.  Residents should call 9-1-1 and report suspicious parties with as much detail as possible.  This includes male/female, height, weight, clothing, direction of travel, ethnicity, associated vehicle, license plate, etc.  LPD is reminding residents to keep all doors and windows securely locked.  In the early morning hours of Tuesday (October 13, 2009, between 1:30am – 6:00am) there were three reported residential burglaries in North Longmont.  In two of these incidents, the residents awoke to see one or two males in their house.  In one case, the residents confronted the suspect and the suspect casually walked out of the house. The description provided to the police was a "younger male" of average size. At 2:22am in the 1700 block of Tulip Street, entry was made through an unlocked front door.  The resident woke up and looked down to the main floor to see two males.  The resident described these males as 5'7", 155 lbs.  One was wearing a black jacket; one was wearing a red jacket or red & black jacket.  Both were wearing ski masks.  The suspects took two of the resident's bags; one contained clothing and one a HP laptop.  The bag containing the laptop was a Swiss Army bag.  Later in the morning at 3:46am in the 1800 block of Everett Place, entry was made through the rear sliding glass door.  Nothing was taken but items in the garage were moved.  The resident woke to a male leaning over her bed.  A third entry was made sometime between 1:30am and 6:00am in the 2300 block of Dunbar Court.  Burglars entered through a rear unlocked, garage door and stole a 32" flat screen television.  Residents did not see anything or hear anything suspicious during the night. On Wednesday, October 14, 2009, in the 1800 block of Cambridge Drive, a victim heard someone trying to gain entry to the back door of her home.  The victim looked outside and saw a male, which she described as a Hispanic or white male in his "late teens to early twenties", wearing black pants, a black hoodie sweatshirt, and black gloves. She described this suspect as about 5'09" tall and weighing about 130 pounds. She said that this male calmly walked away from her back door and climbed her back fence. She did not get a look at this male's face and said she was surprised that he did not say anything to her. During a neighborhood canvas, officers learned of a couple First Degree Criminal Trespasses if vehicles near the burglary locations. If you have additional information regarding these burglaries, please call Detective Sergeant Joel Post at 303-651-8523.

September 14, 2009 - Officer Involved Shooting - Twentieth Judicial District Attorney's Facts and Circumstances of the officer-involved shooting on August 10, 2009.

DECEMBER 3, 2008 - Were you a victim of credit card theft in Longmont? The Longmont Police Department is requesting that victims who have not filed a police report complete credit card number theft forms. (This form has been removed, contact the PST's at 303-651-8555)

OCTOBER 9, 2009 - Police Impersonator. On Thursday, October 9, 2008, a Longmont resident in the 4500 block of Nelson Road, received a knock on the door. The resident found a male dressed in a midnight blue uniform which may have had some type of badge on the uniform shirt. The suspect was wearing a tan in color windbreaker with elastic bottom. The suspect had on a gun belt with handcuffs and other pouches. The suspect identified himself as a Longmont Police Officer, but did not provide a name. The suspect kept asking the victim to allow him into the apartment saying he was in the area to talk to residents about burglaries occurring in Longmont. The victim did not open the door. Male is described as 35 to 40 years of age, 5'08" to 5'10" tall, 160-170 pounds. He had light short sandy colored hair and a distinct cleft on his chin. If you have information regarding this suspect, please call 303-651-8501. To view an enlargement of this drawing.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2008 - The Longmont Police Department is warning citizens to be cautious of telephone calls requesting credit card or other personal financial information. A number of Longmont residents have received these calls, and some have provided the caller with the requested information. This type of scam is fraud, and anyone receiving such a call should hang up immediately. Reputable banking institutions and credit card companies do not request account or card information over the phone.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 - A link is available from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's website at or which allows individuals to enter vehicle identification numbers (VIN) to check vehicles before purchasing to insure that they have not been reported stolen.

ARRESTED - Impersonation of a Police Officer - This suspect has been impersonating a police officer. He has gone into a local business, displayed a badge, and shown a business card without a name, that identifies that he is a Longmont Police Detective. The suspect may be driving a red Dodge Neon with unknown license plates. Anyone with information about this suspect is asked to call the Longmont Police Department (Officer Dean) at 303.651.8555 or Northern Colorado Crimestoppers @ 1-800-222-TIPS.

Sexually Violent Predator Release - Michael Vasquez, date of birth 7/11/1977, was released from the Colorado Department of Corrections on 6/26/2008, and had been living in Longmont. Michael Vasquez notified Longmont Police Department that effective 8/8/2008, he was moving out of the City. After confirming that Michael Vasquez is no longer a resident of Longmont, he was removed from Longmont's list of registered sex offenders. For information in English Click here to view police bulletin. Para información en Español sobre El Predador Sexual Violento en Longmont clique aquí.

5/29/08 NOT IN MY BACKYARD - STOP GRAFFITI - Residents play a critical role in being the eyes and ears for the community. Many of those recently caught defacing property have been arrested as result of a call from the community. Estimates indicate that it costs the city more than $47,000 to remove graffiti each year. Learn how you can help.

Sexually Violent Predator Released - Michael Vasquez, date of birth 7/11/1977, was released from the Colorado Department of Corrections on 6/26/08, and has notified the Longmont Police Department that he will be living in Longmont. Vasquez is not on parole and was release without restrictions. Vasquez reportedly has no place to live and is considered to be a transient. Police will monitor Vasquez and provide information to the public through the local media and the police website. To report any suspicious activity call the police department at 303-651-8501. For information in English Click here to view police bulletin. Para información en Español sobre El Predador Sexual Violento en Longmont clique aquí.


Sexually Violent Predator Released - At 4pm on Thursday, May 22, 2008, Christopher Delacruz, age 36, reported to the Longmont Police Department to register as a sex offender. He has been classified as a "sexually violent predator" and as such, requires community notification. Delacruz has been in the Department of Corrections for the crime of sex assault on a child. He is not on parole, but must comply with all sex offender registration laws. A community meeting was held on Thursday, June 5, 2008, to brief neighborhood residents. Delacruz is 5'6" tall, weighs 154 lbs, has black hair and brown eyes. Click here to view photograph of Christopher Delacruz.

12/26/07 Sexually Violent Predator Released
- Michael Vasquez was released from the Colorado Department of Corrections on 12/20/2007, and is currently living in Longmont in the Community Treatment Center at 236 Main.  Vasquez was designated as a sexually violent predator based on a psycho-sexual evaluation conducted prior to his release. Vasquez’s only known sexual offense, occurred in Longmont on 9/10/2001.  His arrest and eventual conviction on the charge of Sexual Assault on a Child was based on him having sexual relations with his 14 year old girlfriend.  At the time, Vasquez was 24 years old.

As required by Colorado State Law, the Longmont Police Department will be conducting a Community Notification Meeting, later in the month of January 2008 in order to discuss Vasquez’s status and the laws pertaining to sexually violent predators (date and location to be announced).   Click the following link to view the Longmont Police Department Media Release and photo of Michael Vasquez.

08/29/07 - The Longmont Police Department is seeking assistance from the public in identifying a party who robbed the Advance America Check Cashing Store, 1834 Main Street, on 8/28/07 at approximately 1523 hours. An unknown male party described as an Hispanic male in his 20's, about 5'9" slender build, with dark hair and a thick dark mustache entered the store while two other customers were inside. The suspect took an undisclosed amount of cash and then threatened the cashier to give him more. The suspect fled out the back door and left southbound from the store on foot. The suspect was last seen wearing a plain white ball cap, black shirt with a red oval on the chest with letters WWCC in the middle, blue jeans and tennis style shoes. If you have any information that may assist with this investigation, please call the Longmont Police Department at 303.651.8555.

06/08/07 - The Longmont Police Department is requesting assistance from the public in identifying the origin of a series of explosive devices found in the area of Mountain View Avenue and Tulip Street. If you know anything about these devices, or if you have heard or seen anything suspicious in this area, please call 911 to notify the police department. Select the following link to read a letter distributed by the police department to people living in the affected neighborhood.

12/15/06 - Now Accepting Applications for the Longmont Police Department Professional Standards Review Panel
The Professional Standards Review Panel reviews highly confidential information and makes findings to the Chief of Police. Panel members must be able to read and comprehend large investigations in order to make appropriate findings.

Application Deadline: Friday, December 29, 2006 by 5:00 p.m. in the City Clerk's office, 350 Kimbark Street, Longmont.

View more information on the Professional Standards Review Panel (pdf, 57kb)
Download the Professional Standards Review Panel application (pdf, 23kb)

11/08/06 - Public Safety Tax 2006 Passed
On November 7, 2006, voters approved the Public Safety Tax. The 3.25 % increase in the city sales tax rate will have a positive impact on the levels of service for public safety in Longmont. This includes, but is not limited to:

09/08/06 - Police Explorer Program
The Longmont Police Department is opening its door to area high school students interested in becoming police explorers. Click here for more details.

07/05/06 - Crime Statistics
The Longmont Police Department implemented a new central records management database in March 2006. As a result, 2006 crime statistics have been delayed. However, 2001 through 2005 comparative crime statistics are available. Click here to view 2001 - 2005 comparisons.

07/05/06 - Citizens Police Academy at the Longmont Police Department.
The Longmont Police Department is accepting applications for its 12-week Citizens Police Academy, which begins September 5, 2006. The goal of the academy is to give residents a better understanding of the role of law enforcement and our criminal justice system. Classes will be held at the Safety and Justice Center, 225 Kimbark Street, on Tuesdays from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m., from September 5, 2006 through November 28, 2006. (There will not be a class the week of Thanksgiving). Applicants must be at least 18 years old. There are 20 to 25 openings available and applicants must undergo background checks. Applications can be picked up in the Investigations Division, upstairs in the Safety and Justice Center. The deadline for registration is August 25, 2006. Call 303 - 651 - 8523 for more details about this opportunity.

- Police are asking for assistance from the public in locating Marco Antonio Villarino, date of birth 10/08/78. Villarino is wanted by FBI authorities and the Denver Police Department in connection with a series of violent robberies in Colorado and Arizona. It is believed that Villarino may visit or be living with a friend in the Longmont area. Villarino is considered to be armed and dangerous. If you have information about the whereabouts of Marco Antonio Villarino, please call 911. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPREHEND OR CONTACT THIS SUBJECT YOURSELF.

2/2/07 - Subscribe and Receive E-mail Notification of Colorado Sexually Violent Predator Release.
The Colorado Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) Sex Offender Registration Unit has implemented an email notification program system to notify the public when a Sexually Violent Predator is released in Colorado. To subscribe and receive these E-mail notifications, access the CBI website at, scroll to the bottom of the page, and answer one of the questions in the securities boxes at the bottom of the page. In the blue CBI E-Alerts box enter the E-mail address where you would like the notifications to be sent and press the submit button.

2/5/07 - Longmont Police Awarded Grant to Fight Gangs - The Longmont Police Department was awarded a $39,200 grant from the Colorado Department of Public Safety for gang prevention. The total amount of funding awarded in Colorado was $376,000. Longmont Police received the following items under this grant: Prevention/Education Materials for Community Presentations, $5,000 (Internet tracking tool used by gang unit for tracking clients, $17,500 Spanish Immersion for Gang Unit Members, $12,700 Cultural Competency Training, $4,000.