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Workplace Violence


Knowing that people tend to spend a good part of their day at work, it's no surprise that the issue of domestic violence spills over into the workplace. In 1992, domestic violence in the workplace was the leading cause of deaths among women.

The following are typical signs of employees that might be involved in an abusive relationship:



Explosive behavior can often result from these indicators, frequently happening at work. The victim may be assaulted or even fatally injured after what most would consider a "normal" meeting with their spouse or partner.

What can you do? If you work with an individual that exhibits these signs, alert a supervisor. Let him/her know of your concerns. Some companies have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that can step in and assist with either counseling for both parties or relocating the victim. Ignoring the problem is far worse than what you may think of as overreacting. Remember, 70% of people who abuse their partner also abuse children; you contribute to child abuse if you ignore domestic violence.

As an employer, to prevent domestic violence from becoming a problem at work, begin at the top of your business ladder and get corporate leadership on board. Establish employee policies that meet the needs of victims and ensure that your EAP is responsive. Provide management with tools to respond to victims and abusers. Educate employees and share materials about domestic violence. Increase safety at the workplace by coordinating with the police department or a private security firm. And finally, join in local community efforts to combat domestic violence by donating your time and resources. (The Advisory Council of Violence Against Women, 1995).

For additional information,

contact Longmont Ending Violence Initiative (LEVI)
at 303 - 774 - 4534 or visit the LEVI website for local resources.