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Office of the Public Safety Chief, Crime, Information & Research Analyst

In 1998, the Department hired a research and development analyst to complete empirically based, quantitative, academic quality research and evaluation. During 2000, the analyst wrote and administered several surveys, provided cost-benefit analysis for certain programs, and established training needs for anticipated projects.


Community education regarding computer crime, especially internet crimes against children, is highly recommended. Advise the business community what role the police can, and should, take.
Prosecutors must be educated along with officers regarding the investigation and prosecution of computer crime. Invest in investigative and forensic resources, such as software, intrusion detection tools, decryption technology, and sufficient data storage.
It's recommended that partnerships be developed with private business, universities, and federal agencies for financial support, training and expertise, as well as using their perspective as a barometer for the future.

Participants included representatives from the following:

City government (Planning, Neighborhood Resources, Senior Center, Youth Center)
Non-profit agencies (Alternatives for Youth, Coalition for Women in Crisis)
Social advocacy (O.U.R. Center, Inn Between)
St. Vrain Valley Schools
Restorative justice
Police officers, police employees, and communications personnel
Neighborhood group leaders and representatives
Media (Times-Call)
Business (Longmont Foods, Wells Fargo Bank, Twin Peaks Mall, Chamber of Commerce)

The strategies written in the Strategic Plan are continually reviewed to determine whether they have been adequately completed or whether they are in need of future evaluation or modification. Once the current strategies are met, new ones will be developed to keep pace with social change, technological advancement, and new research in policing.

To contact the Longmont Police Crime, Information, and Research Analyst by email or call 303 - 651 - 8541.