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Patrol Services Division



Deputy Public Safety Chief Craig EarhartPatrol Services Division

303 - 651 -8867

Deputy Public Safety Chief: Craig Earhart

Patrol Services is the largest division within the police department. Sixty-five percent of all department personnel are assigned to this division.

Division personnel strive to provide high quality service and positive community interaction through community policing and problem-solving efforts. This is accomplished through a variety of means.

Patrol road blockResponding to emergency, immediate, and routine calls for service; conducting criminal investigations and apprehending offenders; facilitating the safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic through enforcement, problem solving and education; handling calls concerning animals and their welfare; minimizing property loss and maximizing the protection of persons by routine, proactive and directed patrol, problem solving, and community education; and rendering aid and advice as needed.

Most division services are provided by the personnel assigned to the three Watches. Watch I, or day shift, Watch II, or swing shift, and Watch III, or graveyard shift, are staffed by a variety of supervisors, master police officers, police officers, community service officers and police service technicians. They provide service 24 hours a day.

Patrol at an accidentIn addition, supervisors and officers are each assigned to one of 14 geographical beats dividing up the city. Beat assignments allow officers to get to know the people who live and work in that area and to initiate or assist with any problem-solving efforts which might become necessary. The division's beat map can be found in the Department section.

There are two commanders also assigned to this division:


You can reach the Patrol Services Deputy Public Safety Chief by email or by calling (303)651 - 8867.