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Nuisance Cats



Cats can become a nuisance if left to roam and cause damage to property or other wildlife. The property damage ordinance does apply to cats; cats causing damage to private property can be trapped by the property owner and transported to the Longmont Humane Society.

Longmont Animal Control will pick up cats if they have bitten a human, appear ill, injured are contained, or if they have caused monetary damage to personal property.

Owners of cats causing monetary damage or creating any other condition which disturbs the peace, safety, or comfort of a neighbor may also be cited.



Longmont citizens can protect their property by trying the following suggestions:

Repellents may be used - such as a commercial product or home remedies like coffee grounds, cayenne pepper, moth balls, fine pepper, etc.

Don't give cats the opportunity to get into your garbage. Store your garbage in metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids, and put trash out only when it's scheduled to be picked up. Always feed your animals inside.

Work it out on a neighborhood level! Discuss the situation with your neighbor, the owner of the cat.

Humane traps may be purchased, borrowed or rented. Offending cats may be trapped if they are on your property and then transported to the Longmont Humane Society.

Longmont Animal Control strongly encourages all cat owners to keep their cats inside to avoid conflict with neighbors and to keep their cat safe.


If you are wishing to report an animal that is in a life threatening situation today, please call 303.651.8500.

For non-emergency information regarding animal related issues you may call 303.651.8500 or email Sgt Jesse Buchholtz.