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Longmont Beat Officers for 2014

Download a PDF version of this Longmont Police Beat map. (2.5 mb)

Beat map of Longmont Click to view Beat 1 Officers Click to view Beat 3 Officers Click to view Beat 6 Officers Click to view Beat 7 Officers Click to view Beat 9 Officers Click to view Beat 10 Officers Click to view Beat 14 Officers Click to view Beat 13 Officers Click to view Beat 12 Officers Click to view Beat 11 Officers Click to view Beat 2 Officers Click to view Beat 4 Officers Click to view Beat 5 Officers Click to view Beat 8 Officers Click to view Beat 6 Officers

Last updated 1/1/2011

Voice Mail Extensions for Beat Officers
To access the voice mail system for officers with an x, dial 303 - 774 - 4300, you will then be prompted for an extension number, as listed below. An MPO is a Master Police Officer.

Beat 1 - McIntosh
Sgt Paul Campbell (303)651-8877
MPO Darren Bloom x3335
Officer David Kennedy x3140
Officer Melinda Burnett x 3183
Officer John Winship x2223

Beat 2 - Garden Acres
Sgt Jim Bundy (303)651-8878
MPO Al Baldivia x2060

Officer Cassidy Jones x4016
Officer Phil Piotrowski x3066
Officer Nick Aiello x 2528

Beat 3 - Loomiller
Sgt Dave Orr (303)651-8869
MPO Bob Black x2063
Officer Mike Hazen x3166

Officer Jon High x3361

Officer Tyler Schall x3079

Beat 4 - Horizon
Sgt Todd Chambers (303)774-4866
Officer Chris Borchowiec x3284
Officer Cary McDonald x3087

Officer Randy Herrera x2426

Officer Andy Feaster x3113

Beat 5 - Lanyon
Sgt Eric Hulett (303)774-4865
MPO Greg Ruprecht x3116

Officer John Garcia x3083

Officer Josh Townsend x 2527

Offier Perry Nachtrieb x3354

Officer Billy Sawyer x3339

Beat 6 - Ute Creek
Sgt Jim Sawinska (303)651-8876

MPO Pat McCoy x4109
Officer Chris Lucci x3081

Officer Paul Beach x3107

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Beat 7 - Centennial
Sergeant Scott Holmes (303)651-8734

MPO Jared Goecke x309`

MPO Dillon Cromley x3164

Officer Brian Dean x3096

Officer Graham Wale x3084

Beat 8 - Rothrock
Sgt Matt Cage (303)651-8862
MPO Mike Nelson x3389
Officer Shiela Baker x4077

Officer Jeremy Johnston x3331

Officer Don Goldware x3342

Beat 9 - Kensington
MPO Auggie Bernal x3163

Officer Jason Goecke x3285
Officer Jesse Pollock x4014

Officer Jason Korn x4020

Beat 10 - Downtown
Sgt Eric Lewis (303)774-4551
Officer Wade Weese x3283

Officer Nate Rankin x3112
Officer Aubrey Odle - x3333

Officer David Edmondson - x3336

Officer Cody Clark - x3046


Beat 11 - Sunset
Sgt Garrett Boden (303)651-8875

MPO Randy Lucero x3350

Officer Mike Marquardt x3061

Officer Collin Jessen x 3069

Officer Jason Kierstein x2532

Beat 12 - Southmoor
Officer Paul Beach x3107
MPO Bobby Garcia x3028
Officer Jessica Carbajal x3062

Officer Chad Jacquet - x3068

Beat 13 - Twin Peaks
Officer Brian Smith (303)651-8512

Officer Dave Terrell (303)651-8874
Officer Chrystie Wheeler x 3383

Officer Mark Stewart x3184

Officer Jason McNulty x3067

Officer Cary Nickolls x4112

Beat 14 - Clover Basin
Sgt Craig Mortensen (303)651-8422
Officer Jerry Carnes x4025
Officer John Wederquist x4818
Officer Dan Sidders x4021

Officer Brett Rimsky x3057


Beat 15 - Parks and Open Space
NW - to be determined

NE - to be determined

SE - to be determined
SW - to be determined

Crime Free Multi-Housing
Officer Sara Aerne x2222

Gang and Crime Suppression Unit
Sgt Jason Pitts (303)651-8872

School Resource Officers
Sgt Doug Ross (303)651-8525
Officer Staci Stallings (303)651-8857
Officer Bill Clark (303)651-8305
Officer Jason Malterud (303)651-8510
MPO Craig Mansanares (303)651-8857
MPO Scott Pierce (303)651-8447
MPO Kathy Sanner (303)651-8511

Traffic Unit
Sgt Mike Bell (303)651-8871
MPO Kris Ford x3101
Officer Colby Julian x4016
Officer Tim Lambert x3296
MPO Mike Stogsdill x3355
CSO Dawn Koehler x3392
CSO Jerry Buralli x2502

CSO Steve Sisson x2526

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