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Responsible Adult Drivers (R.A.D.)

Developed in 1992 and inspired by the tragic death of eight local high school students in separate auto accidents, the RAD program is designed to deal with the problem of useless teen death and injury resulting from motor vehicle accidents. The program attempts to promote safe driving habits for teens by setting goals and reinforcing those goals through a high impact, fast moving assembly.

To be able to stress the importance of safe driving habits for teens, a realistic and poignant presentation has been created featuring personal slides of the deceased students' lives, music videos, and emotional testimony from various presenters. It's purpose is to show the graphic reality of how unsafe driving can affect young people's lives.

Typically, the RAD assembly is presented to local high school freshmen in the fall or winter during a single class period. The primary goal is to educate the students about the dangers and responsibilities involved with riding in and driving motor vehicles. Secondly, the RAD program encourages sophomores to take driver's education courses.


For more information on RAD, please contact the
Responsible Adult Driver program coordinator via email or by phone at 303 - 651 - 8849.