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Project Alert

Middle grade students are vulnerable to social influences but are not yet heavy users of alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, or other drugs. The Project ALERT program is designed to help young people identify and resist pressures that lead to experimentation with drugs and to prevent teenage experimenters from becoming regular drug users.

Research on adolescents indicates that teenagers tend to discount long-term risks and overestimate drug use among their peers. To provide greater motivation, Project ALERT stresses how drugs can affect students now--in their daily lives and social relationships. It also counters the belief that "everyone uses" with statistics showing that users are in the minority. The curriculum also helps students resist these social influences by teaching them to identify internal as well as external pressures to use drugs. Short psychodramas and role-playing exercises help students learn techniques for resisting them.

For more information on Project Alert, please contact the
Police Programs Coordinator at 303 - 774 - 4440.