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Contact Information, Economic Development Department

General Division email:

Staff Name: Title: Phone: Email:
Ava Pecherzewski Senior Planner 303-651-8735
Ben Ortiz Planner 303-774-4725
Bernadette Tinoco Permit Technician 303-651-8338
Brien Schumacher Senior Planner 303-651-8764
Chris Allison Chief Building Official 303-651-8960
Cindy McIntosh Administrative Assistant 303-651-8309
David Starnes Redevelopment Program Manager 303-651-8318
David Taylor Building Inspector 303-651-8308
Don Burchett Principal Planner 303-651-8828
Doug Bene Economic Development Manager 303-651-8403
Ed Kotlinski Senior Plans Examiner 303-651-8324
Erin Fosdick Senior Planner 303-651-8336
Grady Halamicek Senior Building Inspector 303-774-4431
Jane Madrid Administrative Supervisor 303-651-8329
Jeremy Tamlin Residential Plans Examiner 303-651-8331
John Speidel Electrical Inspector 303-651-8325
Joni Marsh Planning & Development Services Director 303-774-4398
Linda Meade Administrative Assistant 303-651-8320
Linda Fowler Office Assistant 303-651-8954
Ozzy Tarin Plans Examiner 303-651-8332
Pat Yanchunas Office Assistant 303-651-8330
Phil Greenwald Transportation Planner 303-651-8335