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Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda, July 16, 2014

*Videos of Meetings/Meeting Schedule/Minutes

**All project information will be posted by 5p.m. the Friday before the meeting.**







DATE: July 16, 2014

TIME: 7:00 p.m.
PLACE: City Council Chambers, Civic Center Complex, 350 Kimbark St

1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Communications

4. Public invited to be heard

5. Approval of the minutes:

May 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes

June 18, 2014 Meeting Minutes

June 25, 2014 Meeting Minutes

The following projects are public hearing items:


6. 901 Alta Street Site Plan and Variances for Accessory Dwelling Unit, PZR 2014-28 A, B, C, Senior Planner Ava Pecherzewski

Location: 901 Alta Street

Proposal: Site Plan and setback variances for construction of a new single-family dwelling and an accessory dwelling unit in the rear. Variances are requested to allow a porch and accessory structure to encroach into the side yard setback and to allow an accessory dwelling unit to exceed the maximum footprint size.


7. Twin Peaks Mall Redevelopment Application for Site Specific Development Plan Vesting, PZR 2014-27 A, B, C, Senior Planner Ava Pecherzewski

Location: 1250 S. Hover Street

Proposal: Request for vested development rights for a redevelopment project at the Twin Peaks Mall.

8. Golden Ponds Self Storage Conditional Use Site Plan and Variances, PZR 2014-26 A, B, C, Planner Ben Ortiz

Location: West of Hover Street, south of 3rd Avenue Place, and east of Golden Ponds Park and Nature Area

Proposal: Variances for Golden Ponds Self Storage located at the Hover West 4th Filing property located at 2417 3rd Avenue Place


9. Amendments to the Longmont Municipal Code Section 15.03.150 Regarding the Mixed Use Zoning District, PZR 2014-25A, B, Senior Planner Brien Schumacher

Location: Citywide

Proposal: Amendments to the Longmont Municipal Code Section 15.03.150
Regarding the Mixed Use Zoning District



10. Final Call – Public invited to be heard

11. Items from the Commission

12. Items from the Council Representative Bonnie Finley

13. Items from the Development Services Manager

14. Adjournment


2014 Meeting Schedule
(Bolded dates are the regular meeting dates)
(*denotes special meeting dates – if needed)

January 15 (No Meeting)
January 22* (Regular Meeting)
February 19
February 26*
March 19
March 26*
April 16
April 23*
May 21
May 28*
June 18
June 25*
July 16
July 23*
August 20
August 27*
September 17
September 24*
October 15
October 22*
November 19
(no special meeting in November)
December 17
(no special meeting in December)