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Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda, January 22, 2014

*Videos of Meetings/Meeting Schedule/Minutes

**View a complete copy of January 22, 2014, meeting packet - due to large amount of materials, the packet is posted below by agenda item.





DATE: January 22, 2014

TIME: 6:00 p.m.

PLACE: City Council Study Session conference room located next to the Council Chambers


REGULAR MEETING- NOTE: The meeting will being at 6:30 p.m. with items 1-9

DATE: January 22, 2014

TIME: 6:30 p.m. ** Items 10 through 18 on the agenda will begin at 7:00 p.m.

PLACE: City Council Chambers, Civic Center Complex, 3rd and Emery St.


1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Communications

4. Public invited to be heard

5. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

6. Approval of the 2014 Meeting Schedule

7. Approval of the 2014 Bylaws

8. Approval of the 2014 Posting Locations

9. Approval of the minutes:

December 18, 2013

The following projects are public hearing items:

10. Somerset Meadows Filings 3 & 4 Preliminary Plat/Final PUD Development Plan and Weibel-Duvall Annexation Agreement Amendment #4, PZR 2014-1A, B, C, Senior Planner Ava Pecherzewski

Attachment 4 - Vicinity Map

Location: East of Renaissance Drive, west of Summerlin Drive, south of Heatherhill Circle, north of Summerlin Drive

Proposal: Preliminary/Final Plat and Preliminary/Final PUD Development Plan for Filings 3 and 4 of the Somerset Meadows subdivision for the purposes of developing 77 single-family homes and an Amendment to the Weibel-Duvall Annexation Agreement regarding common open space obligations.

11. Maxwell Place Preliminary Plat and Preliminary Development Plan,PZR 2014-3A, B, C and PZR 2014-4A, B, C, Principal Planner Don Burchett

Location: West of Renaissance Drive and north of the future Maxwell Avenue

Proposal: A proposed preliminary plat and PUD development plan for a 34 lot subdivision for 17 duplex units on 6.6 acres. The proposal includes a request to reduce the front yard setback to 5.5 feet and the rear yard setback to 5 feet with a 15 foot buffer yard adjacent to Maxwell Avenue.

12. Sandstone Vistas Land Use Amendment, PZR 20142A, B, C, Senior Planner Erin Fosdick

Location: Southeast corner of County Line Road and Zlaten Drive , unincorporated Weld County

Proposal: Request for Land Use Amendment to change the property's designation on the Comprehensive Plan from Medium Density Residential to Low Density Residential. The request would decrease the allowable density from 6-12 dwelling units per acre to a maximum of 6 dwelling units per acre. As part of this proposal, the high density residential area located on the eastern portion of the property would also be reduced (and replaced with additional low density residential).

13. Conditional Use Site Plan and Height Variance for a 66’ Telecommunications Tower (Monopine) at the Moose Lodge at 2200 Pratt Street, PZR 2014-5A, B, C, Planner Ben Ortiz **NOTE: The Commission will table this item to the February meeting - no project documentation will be provided at this time**

Location: Northeast corner of 21st Avenue and Pratt Street

Proposal: Conditional Use Site Plan and Height Variance for the installation of a 66' monopine telecommunications tower on the east side of the Moose Lodge Building.


14. Final Call – Public invited to be heard

15. Items from the Commission

16. Items from the Council Representative Bonnie Finley

17. Items from the Development Services Manager

18. Adjournment

If you need special assistance in order to participate in the Planning and Zoning meeting, please contact the Planning Division at 303-651-8330 in advance of the meeting to make arrangements.


2014 Tentative Meeting Schedule – (until approved at the first Planning and Zoning 2014 meeting)
(Bolded dates are the regular meeting dates)
(*denotes special meeting dates – if needed)

January 15 (No Meeting)
January 22* (Regular Meeting)
February 19
February 26*
March 19
March 26*
April 16
April 23*
May 21
May 28*
June 18
June 25*
July 16
July 23*
August 20
August 27*
September 17
September 24*
October 15
October 22*
November 19
(no special meeting in November)
December 17
(no special meeting in December)