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Public Hearings

A "public hearing" is that time during a City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission or Historic Preservation Commission meeting in which interested individuals may address the Council or Commission on specific agenda matters. Agenda items which include "public hearings" are noted on the meeting agenda and are typically advertised in the Daily Times-Call newspaper. In addition, a "public hearing" on a specific land use development application is often advertised by a "public notice" sign posted on the property where development is proposed.  Additional information can be found on our Citizen Connection web page which is designed to assist citizens in providing input into the development procedures and applications affecting Longmont.

Citizens are encouraged to make use of "public hearings" and share their thoughts and opinions with the Council or Commissions. The Planning and Zoning Commission meeting has a 5 minute time limit for public hearing speakers.

If you receive notice of a public hearing for a land development application or see a "public notice" sign on a property and have questions, please contact the Planning and Development Services Division.

Planning and Development Services Division
Public Hearing Projects

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City Council Chambers

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Time: 7:00 p.m.

Planning and Zoning Commission

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