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Temporary Use Permits

A temporary use permit is required for seasonal and holiday sales, as well as special events.

Seasonal and Holiday Sales:   Sales activities, such as the sale of Christmas trees, farm produce and fireworks. This type of temporary use is only allowed in the C, CR, MI and GI zoning districts. Temporary seasonal and holiday sales shall not include retail sales of bulk household goods, such as furniture, carpets, art work/paintings, or similar items, and shall not include retail sales of prepared or processed food products. Please note that Fireworks stands require a separate permit from the City of Longmont Fire Department (Maximum permit limit 60 days) Fee $250.00 for 31-60 days  Fee $50.00 for up to 30 days

Special Event:  A temporary commercial or festive activity or promotion held on private property within the City of Longmont at a specific location, which takes place typically no more than once per year including, but not limited to, carnivals, circuses, fairs and festivals which reasonably may be expected to attract more than 100 persons at any one time. (Maximum permit limit 14 days)  Fee $50.00

Temporary Use Permit Application (pdf)

A separate application and permit are required for carnivals operating within the City of Longmont. Additional information is provided on the Carnival Permits page.

For more information, contact at 303-651-8330 or email