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Tax Credit Program for Designated Historic Properties

Historic buildings are tangible links with the past. They help give a community a sense of identity, stability and orientation. The Federal government encourages the preservation of historic buildings through various means. One of these is the program of Federal tax incentives to support the rehabilitation of historic and older buildings. The Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program is one of the Federal government's most successful and cost-effective community revitalization programs. The Preservation Tax Incentives reward private investment in rehabilitating historic properties such as offices, rental housing and retail stores.**

Below are several links to assist you in finding out more on the tax credit program. If you have further questions, please contact Brien Schumacher at 303-651-8764 or the Colorado Historical Society.

Eligibility Requirements

Procedure to obtain Tax Credit

Allowable and Non-Allowable Costs

Application Fees

Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Tax Credit Program


**U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service Cultural Resources.

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