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Allowable Costs When Applying for a Tax Credit



"Hard costs" associated with the physical preservation of a historic property - demolition, carpentry, sheetrock, plaster, painting, ceilings, doors, windows, fire sprinkler systems, roofing, flashing, exterior repair, cleaning, tuck pointing, cleanup, etc...

Does not Include

Improvements undertaken due to normal wear and tear.Routine or periodic maintenance - cleaning, routine painting, minor repairs, general periodic upkeep, redecorating or any purely cosmetic change that is not part of an overall rehabilitation or that does not enhance the property's historic character."Soft costs" - fees related to appraisals, architectural, engineering, interior design, legal, accounting, realtor, loan, sales and marketing, closing, building permit, use and inspection, project signs, phone, temporary power, bind bonds, copying, rent, etc...

Acquisition costs.

New additions or enlargements (except as may be required to comply with building safety codes).

Excavation, grading, paving, landscaping or site work.

Repairs to additions made to a historic property after the property was officially designated.