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Designated Landmarks

Carlson-Wallace Property
10662 Pike Road

Landmark Designation: 1997

Construction Date: 1910

Architectural Style: Farmstead

The Carlson-Wallace farmstead is located at the southern edge of Longmont. It is comprised of a farmhouse, a garage, a barn, a shed, a chicken coop and an equipment storage building.

According to Boulder County Assessor's records, this property's farmhouse was built in 1910, a date that seems reasonable given the house's Classic Cottage style and physical condition. In 1919 this eighty acre farm was purchased by Carl and Bertha Carlson. Born in Denmark in February 1880, Carl immigrated to the United States just after the turn of the century; by 1902 he had arrived in Colorado. Bertha was born in Norway circa 1881, and she too immigrated to Colorado with her family circa 1900. Married about 1905, Carl and Bertha established a farm near Mead, Colorado. Living on their farm near Mead until 1919, and then on this farm, the Carlsons raised four children: Cora, Torvil, Frederick and Charles. On this farm the Carlsons raised sugar beets, corn, barley, and alfalfa. The family also maintained a herd of feed cattle.

Carl Carlson died in August 1944 at age 64. Bertha died a decade later in 1954. Carlson was regarded as one of Boulder County's most successful immigrant farmers. When he arrived from Denmark in 1902, he had little money and few possessions, but at the time of this death, Carlson owned nearly 900 acres of prime farmland all located south of Longmont. This eight acre parcel, though, was known as the "home place" and this was where the Carlson made their home. After Carl's Death, the farm was operated by his son Frederick Carlson and his wife Evelyn.

In the early 1960s, the Carlson family sold the farm to Don Ida. IN the 1970s, Ida and his business partner R.F. Wallace established a commercial tree farm here. An avid hot air balloonist, Ida died in a well-publicized hot air balloon accident in 1983. Don's nephew, Robert Ida, also became involved in operating the tree farm which eventually included land on both sides of Highway 287.

John (Kiki) Wallace, son of R.F. Wallace, has renovated the farmhouse.