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Designated Landmarks

Pike Road Barn
10376 Pike Road

Landmark Designation: 1997

Construction Date: 1898

Architectural Style: Barn

According to Boulder County Assessor's records, and the property's abstract, this land was originally patented in December 1864 by Lorenzo Dwight. Adjacent lands to the east became part of this farm, were patented in October 1864 by Porter R. Pennock. In 1886, Freeman Belcher acquired 200 acres including the land where this barn is located. According to the Directory of Farmers for Boulder County in 1892, Belcher was among the area's wealthiest landholders, controlling nearly 400 acres in this area south of Longmont. In 1903, Belcher transferred this property to Charles O. Andrew who built the barn. Sixteen years later, in 1919, Andrew sold a sixty acre parcel where this barn is located to Reverend Jacob Leonhard and his wife Lena. The Leonhard's raised their family and farmed here. They raised sugar beets, barley, alfalfa, corn and other crops. They also maintained a few head of milk cows are various times. The Leonhard family continued to farm the property until 1953.

This property is generally significant for its association with the region's agricultural development. Unfortunately, extensive alteration to the house and garage have compromised the property's historic integrity. However, the barn alone is viturally unchanged from its historic appearance and is among Boulder County's better preserved examples of a gable-roofed single-wing barn.

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