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Designated Landmarks

Imperial Hotel
301 Main Street

Landmark Designation: 1977

Construction Date: 1881

Architectural Style: Italianate

This hotel was planned by the original Chicago-Colorado Colony group in 1871. However, the hotel was not built until 1880-81 and was built by a wealthy miner name George Zweck. Longmont did not have a "water works" until 1882, but the bathroom facilities were provided via water hauled from the St. Vrain and stored in three brick cisterns. A coal stove was placed in every other room for heat.

From the day of its opening, the Zweck family was the center of important business and social activities. In 1894, it became the property of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen, who managed it for many years. In 1971, the hotel was purchased and remodeled into apartments and small shops, thus ending its life as a hotel.

HPC 1977-1