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Designated Landmarks

Presbyterian Church
402 Kimbark Street

Landmark Designation: 1978

Construction Date: 1905

Architectural Style: Romanesque Revival

This landmark is significant more for its site, than the structure. It has served the Presbyterian congregation continuously since 1875. Historically, the first congregation received its charter in 1869 and used Pella school as its church. When Longmont was established in 1871, the First Presbyterian Church received its charter that same year as the founding of the Chicago-Colorado Colony. It is interesting to note that its organization is linked with the great missionary spirit, Sheldon Jackson, called the Saint Paul of the west, founding churches throughout the west and as far as Alaska. On March 15, 1872, the Pella church and the local church merged into the Central Presbyterian Church of Longmont. In the more than 125 years of its existence the church has had a roster of distinguished pastors and has served the community in many out reach programs.

HPC 1978-8, 8a