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Designated Landmarks

Webb House
536 Collyer Street

Landmark Designation: 1983

Construction Date: 1888

Architectural Style: Queen Anne

Jane Margaret Webb purchased the property from Albert Oviatt in 1887 and had the home constructed. Little is known about Mrs. Webb's early life here. She was married to William H. Webb and had one daughter, Blanche. William Webb was a carpenter and millwright by trade and worked for years in the family business, J.W. Denio Milling Company, in Longmont and Wyoming. Unfortunately, Mrs. Webb did not survive to see the house constructed. In 1888, She passed away leaving her husband and daughter, Blanche, who was three years old.

Upon her mother's death, little Blanche Webb's grandmother took her back to New York to be raised. Accounts vary, but it is believed Blanche Webb returned to Longmont in her girlhood.

Blanche lived in the house until her late 70's and in 1971 upon entering a nursing home, she presented the Longmont Pioneer Museum with a chair that had belonged to her grandmother, Margaret Denio Webb, daughter of Sarah Fitzgerald Denio and Aaron Denio. Mrs. Margaret Webb had brought the chair, a gift from her parents, with her when she moved to Colorado.

If you would like to learn more about this property, please see our architectural survey that was completed on the property in 2003.

HPC 1983-2