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Romanesque Revival

The chief characteristic of the Romanesque Revival style is the semi-circular arch, used for window and door openings as well as a decorative element along the corbel table. Other characteristics include an archivolt of compound arches and square towers of different heights and various roof shapes. The Romanesque Revival style, exemplified by St. Anthony's Church in Sterling, is event mainly on churches and large institutional buildings, and is more of a vernacular style than a high style in Colorado.

Richardsonian Romanesque is characterized by heavy, rusticated or rock-faced stone, round masonry arches, contrasting colors, transom windows arranged in ribbon-like patterns, square towers, and sparse fenestration. The Pueblo Railroad Depot is as similar to H.H. Richardson's work as any structure in Colorado, and yet, is not a pure example. Most of the Richardsonian Romanesque structures are variations of the style, employing selected Richardsonian elements.

Here is a designated landmark in Longmont that is representative of the Romanesque Revival style.

402 Kimbark Street / Presbyterian Church

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