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Architectural Styles / Designated Landmark

Johnson-Gunning House
1206 3rd Avenue

Landmark Designation: 1995

Construction Date: 1924

Architectural Style: Tudor Revival

Charles A. Johnson came to the U.S. with his brother, John in 1880 from Sweden and joined up with another brother Ed, west of Longmont. In 1892 Johnson and life long friend Charles Miller formed a partnership and purchased a threshing machine. The contracted work in the Boulder and Weld county areas. The were involved in many other businesses including; the Hills Land Cattle Co. Ranch in North Park, Golden West Milling Co. and many other land interests. In 1920 he bought the land on the corner of Bowen and 3rd from Thomas Butler and after tearing down the Butler home, built the brick home that currently stands.

Albert C. Gunning was the son of Charles A. Gunning and grandson of Albert Henry Gunning. Albert H. came from Wisconsin with wife Etta in 1891. Albert H. farmed 160 acres west of Longmont. A large "clay" deposit was found on Gunnings farm by a chemist and persuaded Gunning to sell 40 acres of his farm to build a brick factory. Charles A. was a graduate from Longmont Academy. He graduated from Northwestern University and became a pharmacist. He bought a store (McDonald Store) with Charles Palmer and ran the business until 1918. He later traded interest in the Brick Company for the store. Albert C. Gunning and his wife, Marian, continued in the family business that now includes two factories, a modern block plant in Boulder and a sales office in Denver.

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