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Historic Preservation



Historic Landmarks of Longmont

The City of Longmont currently has over 122 designated historic structures located throughout the City. A structure may be designated for preservation if it has historical, architectural or geographical importance to the community. Applications for designation are reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission and approved by the City Council. Once a structure is designated, no exterior building alterations are permitted unless a Certificate of Appropriateness has been granted by the Historic Preservation Commission. There are several financial incentives available for designated structures, including tax credits for qualified rehabilitation and refunds for certain building permit fees.

The City of Longmont has two nationally registered historic districts. The purpose of these districts is to recognize areas of the City that have special character and interest and exemplify outstanding elements of the City's heritage. The West Side Historic District is generally located between Third and Fifth Avenues and Longs Peak Avenue and Emery and Collyer Streets. Within these districts, a Certificate of Appropriateness is not required for any non-designated building alterations. The Commission manages the City's historic preservation program and consists of seven members appointed by City Council. For further information, please contact the Planning and Development Services Division.

Tax Credit Program for Designated Historic Properties