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Loomiller Park - 11th & Sumner

Loomiller Park Disc Golf Basket ImageLoomiller Park Playground Image

Loomiller Park is a 15 acre park located in central Longmont. It was named after Fred Loomiller (1863- 1950), and his wife Grace (1883- 1965). Part of the parkland was donated to the City by the Loomillers' children in 1962. Five additional acres were purchased for $7,965. Loomiller came from Quincy, Illinois in 1891 and settled in the Hygiene area. In 1898 he bought a 160 acre farm.

The park site includes a large pond spanned by a bridge with a scenic walkway that winds through the park to a playground and restroom building. There are two shelters, one is located near the playground and restroom and the other is in the north central part of the park closer to the pond. The park is located just north of Longmont High School and is a popular spot for disc golfers.

Loomiller Park is fondly referred to as "Duck Park" by surrounding residents, but feeding the ducks and geese disturbs the natural feeding and migrating patterns of the waterfowl. Please do not feed the ducks and geese in the park!

Map showing location of Loomiller Park in Longmont


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