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Hover Acres Park - 1361 Charles Drive

Shelter at Hover Acres Parkplayground at Hover Acres ParkHover Acres Park pathway lined with treesFlowers in Hover Acres Park

Hover Acres Park is named after Charles Lewis Hover (1867-1955), who moved to Longmont in 1902, with his wife Katherine and daughter Beatrice. In 1914, he built a spacious home on his farm near what was then a quiet country lane. A prominent businessman in Denver, Colorado Springs, and then Longmont, Hover served as president of many local, county and state organizations, such as the Colorado Farm Congress and the Council of Defense (World War I). Hover Acres Park sits on the south end of the Longmont Supply Greenway and offers a number of amenities in this 10 acre park.

Amenities:Map showing location of Hover Park in Longmont

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