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Paula Fitzgerald

Project Manager


Kim Shugar

Manager of Natural



Dickens Farm Park


This project is on a 52-acre site is located between Main and Martin Streets and along the St. Vrain Creek. It will become Longmont's next District Park and trailhead to the St. Vrain Greenway trail system.

A master plan for Dickens Farm park was adopted by City Council in July 2013.  The flooding that occurred in September 2013 altered the site making a master plan update necessary.  That design process is currently underway.

What's New?

Project Schedule

Design Master Plan Update underway
Construction TBD



This project is primarily funded by the City's Conservation Trust Funds (Colorado Lottery). Funding for Dickens Farm Park construction has been reallocated to St. Vrain Greenway trail flood repair. Project construction funding will be restored at a date as yet to be determined. For information on the flood repair projects, link here

Plans & Reports

Final Approved Master Plan

Final Master Plan

 Project Background Information

Project Information

Project Manager: Paula Fitzgerald - 303-651-8448 - 7 S. Sunset St., Longmont, CO 80504

Project Location: 361 Martin Street (north of the St. Vrain Creek between Main and Martin Streets)



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