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Dry Creek Community Park


The park site is located between Grandview Meadows Drive and future Mountain Drive along Dry Creek #1, and south of Silver Creek High School.

What's New?

11/26/13 update:

The park is not yet open due to lack of sports turf establishment. We appreciate your patience! Watch here for park opening announcements!

The park may LOOK nearly complete - but it is still in a very critical time - landscape establishment. Please stay out of the park and off the landscaped areas until park opening. The contractor, American Civil Constructors, is still completing punch list repairs and adjustments as well as on-going maintenance through the warranty period. FOR YOUR SAFETY, PLEASE CONTINUE TO STAY OUT OF THE CONSTRUCTION AREA!

Phase 1 improvements include four multi-use sports fields including a cricket pitch, a multi-tiered and ADA accessible playground, restroom, Dry Creek Primary Greenway trail connection from Grandview Meadows Drive to Blue Skies Park, 18 hole disc golf course, sledding hill (temporary location), landscaping, parking and signage.

If you have questions about this project, please contact Paula Fitzgerald - 303-651-8448, or email -



The phasing plan for the park was discussed and approved at the April 20, 2010 City Council meeting. Future phases will include the following major program elements (subject to change):

Phase 2: Outdoor Aquatics Facility

Phase 3: Promenade, Ball fields, Remainder of Sports Fields, West end of park

Possible Future Phase: Work at Silver Creek High School

Previous Project Information:


View the Perspective Sketches of the Master Plan

These perspective sketches provide a better understanding of the park layout and visitor experience.

ENTRANCE - The expansive green of the play fields at the entrance allows
for uninterrupted views through the park and to the mountains.
Connections to existing and future parks, the Dry Creek Greenway, and
neighborhoods link the community. The strong arcing form of the linear
spine organizes the park elements and creates a vehicular and pedestrian

BOULEVARD - The linear spine creates an efficient and visually appealing
parking scenario, while linking the park elements. The turf slope
creates a grade separation and an informal seating area for athletic
events. The trail system strategically connects the different park
elements and the adjacent greenways.

PROMENADE - A pedestrian promenade will connect the east and west sides
of the park at the confluence of Dry Creek with Clover Basin Irrigation
Ditch. The promenade is a flexible space, able to accommodate day to
day use along with the occasional festival events. Integrating water
throughout the park in a variety of ways will add a unique and memorable


The revised draft Master Plan was approved at the November 18, 2008 City Council meeting.

View the approved Master Plan 2.2 KB

For additional information, please call Paula Fitzgerald, 303-651-8448 or email