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Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan Project

Parks Master Plan Project, City of Longmont, Colorado


Final Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan Accepted by City Council on April 8, 2014!

The Final Draft of the Parks, Recreation and Trails Master Plan was accepted by City Council with recommendations to be incorporated into the final publication of the document. Below are the recommendations for revisions. The document links on this page are the Final Draft of The Plan, the Final Publication, which will incorporate the recommended revisions, will be available in May, 2014. Thank you for your interest and support for parks, recreation and trails in Longmont!


Recommended revisions for final publication:


Links to Final Draft:

Parks, Recreation & Trails Master Plan - Final Draft (full document)

Crib Notes


Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - State of the Parks, Recreation, and Trails System

Chapter 3 - Future Parks, Recreation, and Trails System

Chapter 4 - From Plan to Action

Chapter 5 - Next Steps

Glossary of Terms

Appendix A - Public Involvement Summary

Appendix B - Park and Trail Planning and Development Guidelines

Appendix C - 5-Year Capital Improvement Program

Appendix D - Homeowner Association and Private Park Inventory

Appendix E - Longmont Area Comprehensive Plan Implications

Appendix F - Cost Model

Appendix G - Renewal Analysis Data

Appendix H - Parks Improvement Fee Update 2013

Map 1 - Existing System

Map 2 - Park Access Map

Map 3 - Community Park Distribution Map

Map 4 - Gap Areas Map

Map 5 - Existing Trails Access Map

Map 6 - System Concept

Map D-1 - HOA and Private Park Lands