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Open Space and Trails Master Plan

open space logo, crane standing in water

On May 7, 2002, City Council adopted the final Master Plan. As it is quite a lengthy document, we have portioned it into sections, each available for downloading. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the sections. Click here to download the latest version. Click on the underlined text to download.

I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (vol_1.pdf 295 KB)


A. Overview (page 9)
B. The Study Area (page 10)
C. Data Collection (page 11)
D. Acquisition (page 11)
E. Trails (page 21)
F. Management Issues (page 26)

III. NEEDS ASSESSMENT (vol_3.pdf 406 KB)

A. Foundation for the Plan (page 47)
B. Community Outreach Program (page 56)


LACP: Parks, Greenways and Open Space Section (lacp_section.pdf 92 KB)

Open Space Ordinance, O-2000-41 (O_2000_41.pdf 641 KB)

Staff Advisory Committee Agendas and Minutes (agenda_minutes.pdf 247 KB)

Public Meeting Agendas and Summary Reports (comm_outreach.pdf 156 KB)

Citizen Survey, part 1 (citizen_survey1.pdf 142 KB)

Citizen Survey, part 2 (citizen_survey2.pdf 668 KB)

Response Comments (survey_response.pdf 272 KB)


1. Study Area (study_area_map.jpg 851 kb)
2. Agricultural Lands (aglands.jpg 841 kb)
3. Bald Eagles (bald_eagle_map.jpg 782 kb)
4. EORS Data (elements.jpg 755 kb)
5. Prairie Dogs (prairie_dog_map.jpg 764 kb)
6. Prebles Mouse (prebles_mouse_map.jpg 922 kb)
7. Public Vision (public_visions_map.jpg 790 kb)
8. Weighted Values (weighted_value.jpg 873 kb)
9. Citizen Open Space (citizen_response1.jpg (455 kb)
10. Citizen Open Space, part 2 (citizen_response2.jpg 566 kb)
11. Citizen Open Space, part 3 (citizen_response3.jpg 497 kb)
12. Citizen Open Space, part 4 (citizen_response4.jpg 577 kb)
13. Citizen Open Space, part 5 (citizen_response5.jpg 581 kb)
14. Citizen Open Space, part 6 (citizen_response6.jpg 557 kb)