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Snow Storm Update and News

Snowplowing Updates

Thursday, February 6, 2014

8 a.m.

Cold temperatures continued last night, and some additional snow fell; however, accumulation was minimal. Road conditions are about the same as yesterday, clear with some snow pack and icy spots. Melting on the roadways is expected today, with it accelerating tomorrow as the temperatures improve. Snow route plowing and sanding will be reduced today as resources are diverted to removing snow and ice in critical areas. Route coverage will involve moving slush off roadways and sanding areas where snowpack and ice are present. Crews will work two eight hour shifts, the second shift may be held over to cover the overnight time-frame if necessary; otherwise, it will be covered by an on-call crew.

With the snow pretty well ending, this will be the last update on crew activities and road conditions for this storm.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3 p.m.

Despite the extreme cold, some streets are experiencing melting this afternoon. We are only expecting a trace of snow through the night tonight, however a full crew will be staffed to battle ice forming and work on the snow packed areas of the street system.

Tonight’s temperatures are expected to be extremely cold. Tomorrow, it is likely we will divert some personnel and trucks to removing snow and ice accumulation with heavy equipment.

There was a story on the television news last night regarding a shortage of salt/sand for snow removal efforts. Our vendor for the “ice slicer” product normally used, is out of material. This material comes from Utah by railcar. The vendor does not expect to be resupplied until mid-next week. Therefore, Longmont and others have run out of this product. In the meantime, we have switched to the more traditional, true salt and sand mix. This material is available at several of the gravel mining pits locally; therefore, we do not expect supply problems. The main difference between the two products is: the ice slicer has very little clay or dirt in it. Consequently, it is more environmentally friendly; it does not leave much of a residual on the street, so clean up is much more straight forward. The traditional salt/sand mixes have gravel and clay in them (as the name suggests). Because the product has dirt in it, the disadvantage is the material contributes more to air pollution and some of the product residue is carried off the street during melting into the storm sewer system (the rest of it remains on the street as sand). These are concerns not only during the storm, but, afterwards, street sweeping and storm sewer cleaning take a significantly larger effort. The advantage of using this product is that the dirt in the product provides some “grit” on the street to aid in traction. During the cold temperatures we are currently experiencing, where melting in the night time hours is nonexistent, this will be of value to motorists.

8 a.m.

The crew overnight experienced only a small amount additional snow accumulation. Temperatures were well below zero, in the -15 range. Drivers concentrated more on sanding and less on plowing. The low temperatures have made the snow so hard it is nearly impossible to move off with the plows. Fortunately, most snow routes were plowed adequately yesterday during warmer conditions. Road conditions are currently clear travel lanes with occasional icy spots. Turn lanes, center lanes, etc. are somewhat snow packed, but sanded. Traffic was moving well at 7:00 a.m. The outlook for today is continued cold with a predicted high of 1 degree. We can expect three tenths of additional snow during the day and four tenths this evening into the night. Crews will remain of duty, through tonight, to continue the sanding and ice control effort.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014snow plow in action

3 p.m.

Weather information indicates we have received about 1.2” of snow thus far from this storm. Nearly three quarters of an inch last night with an additional .5 inch during the day today. Predictions are we could receive an additional 1” of snow through tomorrow early morning. Snow will continue off and on during the day tomorrow. Current road conditions are a combination of wet and snow packed/slushy as we are currently experiencing melting. Areas such as some turn and deceleration lanes where the snow pack was thicker remain snow packed and slushy on the surface. Travel lanes are mostly wet to clear. Temperatures are expected to be quite cold overnight, slippery conditions will likely reappear as roads refreeze. Consequently, the snow operation will continue through tomorrow with an upcoming overnight and daytime shifts of the full crew.

8 a.m.

The snow was late coming last night and this morning. Snow teams started work as scheduled at 3:00 a.m. and worked through the night. The team lead reports snow routes are a combination of clear and snow packed. Turn lanes are mostly snow packed. Little to no accumulation is present in travel lanes. This morning snow flurries exist with temperatures around 15 degrees. Twelve hour, alternating snow crew shifts will continue at least through today and into tomorrow.

Monday, February 3, 2014

3 p.m.

We will place a full team on call for this evening. It appears the snow will start in earnest around 11:00 p.m. On-call gives us the flexibility of bringing the crew in sooner if necessary. Twelve hour, full crew shifts will continue at least through Wednesday, but will be extended if needed. As mentioned, we expect it to start snowing closer to midnight, and accumulation estimates are for 3” through tomorrow afternoon with additional snow Tuesday evening into Wednesday.

Friday, January 31, 2014

4 p.m.

We have experienced a great deal of melting during the day today. Most snow routes have patches of wet pavement with areas of snow pack and slush. Additional snow is still expected this evening and through the night. There is a chance for an additional inch during this time period. Daytime tomorrow a small amount of snow (less than ½ inch) is expected. The full snow team will be on duty for the upcoming 12 hour period. At 5:00 a.m. Saturday, we anticipate reducing coverage by half, to six drivers. They will work up to 12 hours performing what is anticipated to be touch up work on the streets. The rest of the weekend will be covered by an on-call crew. The lead crew person will spot check areas on Sunday morning and address problems, calling in additional help if necessary. Monday morning will handled similarly; areas will be spot checked prior to school and rush hour traffic. Slush which has refrozen on the street can be particularly tricky to drive through; travelers are reminded to keep both hands on the wheel and anticipate varying icy conditions to exist, due to thawing and refreezing through the weekend.

9:15 a.m.

This morning arterial roadways are mostly snow packed, but plowed free of accumulation, generally curb to curb. Some melting is occurring in spots. Collector streets are also snow packed, however accumulation exists in center or turn lanes. Those areas will receive more attention this morning. According to Dave Larson, we received 6.5” of snow last night. The forecast is calling for another 1.5”-2” today and tonight with snow ending tomorrow. An overnight snow shift will be in place during these times. The weekend planning will be included in the afternoon update. As mentioned, melting is occurring in some locations, we do expect that to continue and even accelerate if the sun breaks through between waves of snow. During these periods, roads can be more slippery as they become wet on top and frozen on bottom, please use caution during your driving today.

7:45 a.m.

Snow fall was heavy and blowing around 10 pm to 2 am. However, it has tapered off at this point. All arterial streets (and most collectors) have been plowed at least twice throughout the night. Area #5 (Southmoor Park) was only plowed once. There were issues with the vehicle assigned to this route and a one-ton truck is currently working this route. The area #6 driver will assist the area #5 driver so that all of this area will be in better shape for the morning commute. Altogether, it appears there was around 4-5 inches of snow fall overnight. The traveling public should use caution, particularly in turn lanes and when approaching intersections.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Longmont and surrounding areas from 5 p.m. this evening until 6 a.m. Friday. Snow accumulations will range from 5–10 inches, with up to a foot in some locations.

Hazardous winter driving conditions can be expected to develop this evening due to icy and snow-packed roads and poor visibilities. Mainly wet roads can be expected for the first half of the evening rush hour, but snow and slush may quickly develop on roads during the latter half of the rush hour as snow intensity increases. Roads will then remain snow-packed and icy through Friday morning.

City snow crews are preparing and all equipment is staged. Snow and ice removal teams will deploy in full force today beginning at 3:00 p.m. Crews will cycle in 12 hour shifts continuously during the storm event and thereafter to ensure access to emergency services and key destinations, such as schools, hospitals, and major commercial/industrial zones. For more information on the City’s snow routes, please view the City Snow Map.

Updates on road conditions will be posted to Facebook and Twitter as possible. Any closures or cancellations of City services and events will be shared internally through email and publically via eAlert subscription, Facebook, and the City website.

Stay warm and drive safely!

If you have any questions about snow removal plans please call the Public Works Operations Support Team at (303) 651-8416, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or view the "Snow and Ice Control Plan" document.

Snow Plow Routes

During a snow emergency, here is a list of important information for Longmont residents:

1. Snow removal crews usually concentrate their efforts on major transportation corridors. To report areas of concern, call (303) 651-8416.

2. To report downed or damaged trees call the City of Longmont's call center at 303-651-8468.

3. Are City facilities closing? There are currently no plans to close any city facilities.

4. Trash is currently being collected on a normal schedule. For questions call Longmont Public Works at (303) 651-8416.

5. If your power line is damaged between the house and the pole, a private electrician should be called for repairs. Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) is not responsible for this repair.

6. As melting begins on City streets, drainage will become an important issue around the city. To report drainage problems on city streets call (303) 651-8468 or e-mail

7. View Snow and Ice Removal Regulation: It is recommended that residents wait until the snow has stopped falling before removing the snow from their sidewalks. City Code Enforcement officers want to remind residents of their obligation to remove snow and ice from the public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 24 hours after the snow stops. If snow has been plowed onto your sidewalk you are not required to remove the mound of snow. For more information call (303) 651-8321.

8. The City continues to provide essential services and is currently operating without any issues. As usual, call the Longmont Police Department or Fire Department for emergency needs:

9. To report electrical outages 24 hours a day, call Longmont Power & Communications (LPC) at (303) 776-0011.

10. For a prerecorded update via telephone, use the City's City Source messaging system by calling (303) 774-4370 and enter ext. 1200 for english and 2200 for Spanish.

11. Snow plan updates are also available on Comcast cable channel 16.

12. Stay up to date on Twitter at

13. Visit us on Facebook at

14. Melting snow and low temperatures are usually a recipe for potholes. To report potholes on City streets call 303-651-8416 or fill out the online form.


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