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For Immediate Release  • March 20, 2014
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Longmont Reservoir to be Filled, Flood Debris Removed


March 20, 2014 - After the September 2013 flood, Longmont Reservoir became filled with sediment and debris. In a matter of days, its entire holding capacity was used up as dirt and debris piled to levels of three to five feet over the top of Longmont Dam. Restoring capacity to the reservoir has been a top priority for the City of Longmont, as it provides essential water for the City’s residents during dry, summer months.

Since an emergency access road was completed in December 2013, crews have been working diligently to dredge the reservoir and restore its function. The last scoop of debris was finally removed during the week of March 10.

In order to expedite the dredging, the reservoir was drained. As of Wednesday, March 19, the reservoir drains were officially closed, allowing it to be refilled with water from Ralph Price Reservoir, upstream.

Accomplishing the restoration of the reservoir prior to spring runoff is a significant success for the City. Much credit goes to Longmont contracting company, Nixcavating, and its commitment to on-time completion. If the deadline had not been met, work would have halted during spring and summer due to runoff impacts. Restoration of the reservoir better assures that the City of Longmont will be able to avoid water restrictions this summer and supply water during this peak demand period.

Beyond Longmont Reservoir, much post-flood work still remains in Button Rock Preserve and at Ralph Price Reservoir. The emergency access roadway is nearly complete in all areas, with approximately 200 yards remaining for construction adjacent to the Ralph Price Reservoir spillway. Full access via the emergency road will allow other construction activities to begin. See YouTube video of the construction.

The City’s next priority is removing woody debris at the inlet to Ralph Price Reservoir. The work will begin in early April, with the goal to finish by the end of April, before heavy spring runoff.

Button Rock Preserve remains fully closed to the public while repair efforts are underway to restore water supply infrastructure. At this time, the area is not expected to reopen for public use until 2015; no fishing licenses will be sold for 2014.

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