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For Immediate Release  • July 26, 2013
Staff Contact: Brad Schol, Planning Manager, 303-651-8319

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St. Vrain Blueprint


Longmont Launches St. Vrain Corridor Study


July 26, 2013 - A recent engineering study of how to reduce flood hazards along the St. Vrain River discovered that several strategic improvements could remove large areas of the city from the flood zone.

These are just a few of the questions the City is trying to answer with a broad evaluation that is just beginning for the St. Vrain Greenway corridor and adjacent properties.

The evaluation will also study how to leverage the St. Vrain Greenway corridor as a central recreational and business asset through a major part of the city.  It will identify what streets, roads and utility improvements are needed within the corridor as well as explore potential development and redevelopment opportunities on private properties.

This evaluation will build on the previously studied improvements to the floodplain including widening the channel and replacing bridges that restrict high flows and contribute to flooding.

The City of Longmont has been focusing for 20 years on ways to transform the corridor into a signature community asset that could foster continued investment and development / redevelopment along the corridor in the future. The St. Vrain Greenway is a natural corridor and pedestrian/bicycle trail system. The City has just released a draft plan for the Pavlakis Open Space/Dickens Farm Park in the corridor.

Potential additional opportunities include: additional recreation areas, expanded natural areas, and redevelopment or development.

One goal of the St. Vrain River Redevelopment Study is to explore, and develop a vision for special public places along the Greenway, which might serve a double-purpose of a community gathering place, as well as a flood area during high water.  Another important goal of the study is to develop policies to guide future decisions about public investments in the area, to make sure they positively affect river corridor redevelopment. The study will also identify the potential for trail linkages between the Greenway and the Downtown, Twin Peaks Mall, Harvest Junction Commercial Center, Boulder County Fairgrounds, proposed Dickens Farm Park, and the overall city-wide trail system.

The 5 key questions that the study will address:


It is believed that improvements to key segments of the St. Vrain River corridor and adjacent properties may enhance and improve the quality of the natural environment within the corridor as well as have positive economic impacts for the community.

Working with a full range of citizens and property owners is important to reflecting all the interests of Longmont in this effort. Community meetings will be held during the study to solicit public input and feedback on ideas and recommendations.

For more information on the project, visit project website at

or contact:

Brad Schol, Planning Manager

Economic Development Department


Nick Wolfrum, Engineering Services Manager

Public Works and Natural Resources Department




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