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For Immediate Release  • August 13, 2013
Staff Contact: Rigo Leal, Public Information Officer, 303-651-8840

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Zoning Signs Posted Near 1st and Main


August 13, 2013 - The City is currently posting notice signs in the area known as “1st & Main.”  This area is generally located east of South Pratt Parkway, north of the Saint Vrain River, south of 2nd Avenue and west of the Dickens Farm Park--generally the Collyer Street alignment.  The signs are accompanying mailed notices and notices published in the Longmont Times-Call.  A letter is being sent to property owners in the rezoning area as well as those property owners with 750 feet of the rezoning to explain the purpose behind these signs and invite the public to get involved in the City’s public processes for rezoning the 1st & Main area.

In January of this year, the Longmont City Council voted to rezone the 1st & Main area, changing it from Mixed Industrial to Mixed Use. This altered the new or expanded uses permitted in the area. The rezoning to Mixed Use has not changed, and the current zoning for the area is Mixed Use. During the rezoning to Mixed Use, the City made every effort to inform all property owners in the area of the rezoning. The City published notice in the Times-Call and mailed at least three notices for three separate public meetings to everyone in the area. The City took every action required by law and by the Longmont Municipal Code.

Despite this notification, the City received complaints from property owners indicating that they were not fully informed about the rezoning. The City always strives to involve residents and property owners in City decision-making as much as possible. The City’s processes are meant to be democratic, and people should be informed and involved in decisions that affect their property.

In an attempt to make sure all voices are heard on this issue, the City is undertaking a full repeat of the rezoning process, beginning with a neighborhood meeting. In this “repeat,” or “reenactment,” the City is going above and beyond the requirements of the Longmont Municipal Code. City staff will be posting these neighborhood meeting signs as a courtesy to property owners to ensure that all affected people are adequately informed of this process. The City is taking this extraordinary step because this rezoning is such an important part of the City’s plans for the long-term revitalization of the 1st & Main area.

The City is doing everything possible to minimize any impacts to posting signs on the affected properties within the rezoning area. The public is asked to please leave the signs in place while this process continues.

The noticing schedule is as follows:

The public is welcome to participate in the neighborhood meeting and both of the upcoming public hearings. For questions contact Planning & Development Services at 303-651-8330.