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For Immediate Release  • October 5, 2012
Staff Contact: Rigo Leal, Public Information Officer, 303-651-8840

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Water Fountains Turned Off This Weekend; Irrigation Systems Winterized


OCTOBER 5, 2012 - Water fountains in Longmont City Parks have been turned off for the weekend due to the cold temperatures. The National Weather Service is saying that it will be a low of 33 degrees starting Friday night and the City is trying to avoid any broken drinking fountains as a result. If the weather improves, the fountains will be turned back on Monday until the planned winter shutdown time. Also, the heat will be turned on in the restrooms to prevent any other pipe damage. a temperature of 33 degrees should not cause any major issues for piping inside of buildings but will for anything outside.

The city’s park maintenance division began the annual winterization of irrigation systems on October 1. 

In addition, the staff will begin winterizing the parks restrooms and the restrooms at the majority of parks will close on October 15.  Notices will be placed on all restrooms to remind the public that the facilities are closed for the winter.

There will be several restrooms that will remain open into the winter period.  These restrooms are listed below.

It is the intent of the Parks Division to keep these restrooms open as long as possible. If temperatures should drop below freezing for an extended period, several of these restrooms may be closed to protect the water systems.  If these restrooms are closed the Parks Division will place Porta Potties at the locations. These restrooms are designated by an * in the listing above.

In addition, restrooms at the three major ball fields, Sandstone, Garden Acres and Clark Centennial, will remain open through early November due to leagues play at the park. The restrooms will then be closed for the winter.

For additional information please call the Public Works & Natural Resources Call Center at 303-651-8468.