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National Collage Society

Collage: Finding its Place in the Art World

Collage artAs long as art has existed, artists have explored new techniques and new media only to find that recognition and acceptance of new ideas takes time. This is certainly true of collage, a form of mixed media in which material of one medium is layered upon another to create an integrated work of art.

Though forms of collage can be found throughout history, true collage emerged as part of the modernist movement. Cubists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, who pasted paper to the surfaces of their oil paintings, are credited with its invention. By bringing extraneous material into their art, they explored the relationship between painting and sculpture.

Collage did not gain ready acceptance as a distinct art form; collage artists found their work rejected when submitted for art shows. Their medium simply did not fit the standard categories, being neither watercolor nor oil, neither fiber art nor sculpture. In fact, it might be any, all, or none of these things.

In 1982, the National Collage Society was formed so that collage artists could begin to connect with one another and work together to further their medium. This year, the National Collage Society 24th Annual Juried Exhibition will take place at the Longmont More collage artMuseum & Cultural Center from November 15, 2008, to January 11, 2009. The work of 58 collage artists from around the nation, ranging from representational to abstract, will grace the gallery. On the opening weekend, National Collage Society founder and president Gretchen Bierbaum will conduct a two-day workshop at the Museum, teaching image transfer techniques. See the Program Schedule for more information.

Members of the Friends of the Longmont Museum are invited to an invitation-only opening reception on the evening of Friday, November 14. If you’re not a member, join today! Call the Museum for information or visit