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Day of the Dead

January 28 – February 19

Longmont’s architectural legacy begins with its founding as the Chicago-Colorado Colony in 1871. While many of its earliest buildings are now lost to the ravages of time, this community has always valued good architecture.  This exhibition of 25 large-format photographs takes a broad view of Longmont’s architectural legacy, from the early buildings that marked the Colony to contemporary industrial and domestic architecture.

The list of landmarks is not exhaustive – many more exhibits could be created from the list of buildings that could not fit into this taste of Longmont’s history.

Curator's Walkthrough
Tuesdays at noon during the exhibit -- a free informal tour of the gallery, led by Curator of Research Erik Mason.

The landmarks:
The St. Vrain Block
The Dickens Opera House
The Imperial Hotel
Longmont Presbyterian College
Original Longmont National Bank
The Empson Cannery
Great Western Sugar Factory
W. H. Dickens house
Central Presbyterian Church
400 Main St.
IOOF building
Old Firehouse
Old St. John’s Catholic Church
Carnegie Library
Roosevelt Park Auditorium
Skelly Gas / Rankin Chevrolet
423 Bowen St. residence
Johnson’s Corner gas station
Longmont Museum & Cultural Center
Silver Creek High School
Seagate building
Amgen building
Longmont Humane Society
The Prospect neighborhood

Special thanks to Colorado Humanities, whose funding supported the digitization of many of these photographs, to David Patryas, and to Michael DeLeon.